Do you always walk listlessly and look senile?

On the stretch stage, the well-proportioned model smiled confidently, coupled with rich body language, and took a big step forward. No matter which brand of clothing he wears, it is fashionable.
But most people don’t have to change their original appearance just to learn to walk like a model. As long as they walk confidently and upright, they will naturally be as graceful as a supermodel.
Why do people always look listless and hard to make a good impression at first glance?

Chen Liqing believes that we must first start to change her posture. Whether she is tall or wearing gorgeous clothes is not the main reason. The key is that the walking posture reveals a person’s personality. People with fast and broken paces are usually impatient and hurried, and it is difficult for them to complete tasks calmly and step-by-step.

People who often walk with their heads down make people feel always thoughtful and restless.

Some people often drag their heels on the ground, as if they are dragging heavy objects to walk, indicating that they are lazy, less active, and easy to fall into things.

Some people shake their whole body when they walk, just like seven masters around the world. This kind of person has a violent personality and is usually careless in mind.
Many entrepreneurs are well aware of the importance of business image and are willing to pay for the palm pearl to correct the hunchback and lack of energy to walk.

The best way to show a good temperament is a steady and confident pace, which can create a “reliable” image and give yourself a lot of points in the workplace.

Training hip flexibility

The graceful gait also reflects whether the body is functioning well.

“Stride walking, more fruits and vegetables, less irritation.” Great strides must rely on the coordination of various physiological functions of the lower body, including the flexibility of the hip joint, good muscle strength and muscular endurance, and high coordination.

Therefore, long-term use of the wrong posture to walk is not only difficult to walk beautifully but also causes physical burden.

People who are accustomed to stepping forward use only the calf muscles to exert force, so the hip joints are tight, the thighs are not exercised, and the muscle strength and endurance deteriorate.

Often walking on the ground with toes or entire feet, or walking in a posture like a soldier kicking, it is easy for the ground force to be transmitted directly upwards, harming the knees, hip joints, and waist, and in severe cases, it may even injure the cervical spine.

Therefore, when the knees are slightly bent and the heels touch the ground first, after buffering and dissolving the strength of the ground, the body moves forward along with the trend, and the walk can be relaxed and natural.

When you go up the stairs, you can try to stretch the hip joints and train the thigh muscles in one step.

Then exercise muscle endurance. From walking 80 steps per minute, walking 70 cm, and 20 minutes, slowly stretch it for a long time to half an hour, and increase the step distance to 90 cm. So step by step, take your step forward. It looks refreshed.

Back straight and standing beautiful

The first lesson of the law of deportment beauty is stance training.

Look for a blank wall, lean your waist against the wall, and bend your upper body slightly forward, at 45. Horn. Then press your heels back against the wall and straighten your upper body. Stand upright against the wall with your head up and your chest tall (bottom left), so that the soles of your feet are tightly attached to the ground. The muscles on the body are lifted, passing through the calves and knees, tightening the buttocks and reducing the abdomen, and then passing to the shoulder blades on the back. The neck is naturally straightened and the line of sight is maintained level.

Try to stretch one hand between the waist and the wall, the palm just reaches into the gap, and the shoulder blade touches the wall. This is the correct posture. She reminded herself to remind herself not to hunch or shrug at any time to maintain a slim and upright posture.

When standing or walking, just imagine that you are one head taller than before, and naturally stretch your body without bending over.

High heels are a nuisance to women’s improper stance. Due to the toes landing and the high heels, many people can’t straighten their knees, even with wrong postures such as hunched back and protruding abdomen. Therefore, in addition to attending formal occasions, she usually wears flat shoes, and she also wears flat shoes when sitting on a chair. Do not forget to move the ankles and relax the calf muscles.

The real big step is to lift the whole foot. You must apply force from the waist and buttocks to move together with the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. This is completely different from the walk of ordinary people who only lift their calves to save effort; therefore, Taking a big step forward can also tighten muscles, eliminate excess fat, and achieve the unexpected effect of sculpting a figure.

After stepping out, the upper body should follow forward to avoid stiff movements where the body is straight but the legs swing unnaturally like a robot.

However, how far does the pace need to be graceful? To highlight the physical movements on the stage, it is true that the model deliberately trains the model to take a large step at each step, but most people do not need to deliberately do this but should adjust the step spacing according to each person’s height. You can use each step, the distance between the soles of 1~ 1.5 feet is used as a reference.

The model trains both feet to walk in the same straight line, which is not suitable for general walking situations. You may try to walk in a straight line with both feet, which can take into account elegance and natural gait.

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