Insole and shoe-pad

Insole is widely used in footwear industry, health care, special functions; Generally, it can be divided into two models: applied insoles in shoe making industry and applied insoles in shoe factory and market commodity. The shoe industry application of insole is mainly with the outsole of the shoe, the middle sole, make the corresponding body; Make size board according to last bottom plate or panel, and make the corresponding shape.Market commodity type insole basically is insole sells as a kind of commodity directly, design by development division, the product that circulates on the market.

How to learn more about insole and shoe-pad classification

Effect of classification

1, health care insole, is the insole that has health benefits to the human body. Such as: antibacterial insoles, deodorizing insoles, Chinese medicine insoles and so on.

2, the function of the insole: is to have a special function of the shoe to pad. Such as: antistatic insoles, heightener insoles, waterproof insoles, air circulation insoles, etc.

3. Conventional insoles: insoles that do not have the above 2 points are very common

The material classification

1. EVA insoles

2. Sponge insoles

The latest high-definition insole pattern

Latest HD insole pattern (8 pieces)

3, silicone insoles

4. TPR insoles

5. Latex insole

6, cloth insoles

7, leather insoles

CPU insoles

9. Cork insoles

Use classification

1. Sports insoles

Air circulation insoles

Air circulation insoles

2. Air circulation insoles

3. Correct insoles

4. Shock absorbing insoles

5. Warm insoles

6, heighten insoles

7, non-slip insoles

8. Electronic heating insoles

9. Massage insoles

10, magnetic therapy insole

11, antistatic insoles

11. Drug insoles

13, waterproof insole

14. Conventional insoles

Appearance Size Classification

1, the whole insole

2, half yard pad (half insert)

3. Seven-point pad

4: Front palm pad

5. Heel pad

6, post

7, waist stick

Production process classification

1. Cold pressing insoles

2. Hot pressing insoles

3, casting molding insoles

4, injection molding insoles

5, textile molding insoles

6. Hand-embroidered insoles.

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