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Arch support insoles


It is a semi-rigid orthopedic arch support insole ideal for low to neutral arch types, featuring a shock-absorbing deep heel cup, and longitudinal medial arch support.


The natural contour of the arch design achieves the vertical support of the normal arch, improves the foot and leg posture, improves comfort, relieves the tension of the plantar fascia and resets the subluxated fascia, and realizes the correct position of the foot joints alignment to reduce foot fatigue;

The deep heel cup achieves natural cushioning and shock absorption, protects the calcaneal, maintains the correct foot position, and relieves foot pain;

The moderate lateral Flage controls the lateral movement of the foot, thereby reducing excessive internal and external rotation;

Mid-layer CR foam provides flexibility and absorbs impact, ideal for shock absorption and pain relief, and molds to the contours of the foot for superior comfort;


Material Composition:

Fabric: Jersey

Middle layer: CR

Built-in: PP SHELL

Bottom: EVA


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