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Arch Support Pads Scaphoid Pad Flat Foot Arch Support Wholesale Shoe Insoles

S, M, L, three sizes with sticker

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Foot arch support pads #959

1, Polyester Fabric or microfibre, provides more comfort.

2, Semi-rigid EVA foam inserts for better arch support.

3, Cushion padding suit for flat feet, Low arch foot

Arch Support Pads Display

Arch Support Pads 959

Arch Support Pads Parameter

  Type:   Heel pads and arch supports, cushion padding
  Material:   EVA + adhesive layer
  Color:   Black, Blue or as per you design
  Function:   Sufficient arch support for collapsed foot arches, relieve foot pain
  Cooperation:   ODM, OEM, and Custom made Available
  Payment terms:   T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, etc.
  Package:   Plastic box ; Colored Paper box ; Polybag, etc.
  Port of Loading:   XIAMEN, FUJIAN, CHINA
  Model No.   959
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