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Athletic insoles for basketball and runinng

Brand Name
Place of Origin
Xiamen, Fujian, China
Model No.
1000 Pairs

Athletic insoles for basketball or running

Non-slip, shock-absorbing




Product Description

There is an extra deep heel cup in the heel area. The arch’s medial, lateral, and longitudinal fit is designed to fit the foot plantar structure, together with the soft metatarsal pads, which support and stabilize the foot together to provide additional cushioning and support, allowing the sole to move. It has a more down-to-earth feel.

Forefoot and heel pads with PORON material imported from the United States, the forefoot pad can restore and promote sports energy, and the heel pad can absorb and reduce impact.


The insole has a biomechanical three-point, three-dimensional (inner arch, outer, and heel) anti-fatigue design; the motion control system dynamically supports the foot, prevents excessive tension on the foot, and responds to the athlete’s body and activities, like a fitness ball. Also support the soles of the feet, thereby improving sports performance.

Flexible metatarsal pad for superior forefoot shock-absorbing cushioning; helps redistribute extra weight and pressure on the forefoot during movement.

Built-in massage particles in the forefoot which is beneficial to the blood circulation of the soles of the feet and enhance the vitality of sports.

Features a textured non-slip cotton antimicrobial face that wicks moisture and reduces odor.

High-quality material manufacturing

1) Non-slip cotton antibacterial face fabric, which is an environmentally friendly fabric that reduces heat and friction, improves breathability and wicks away moisture, provides comfort for feet, and has antibacterial properties to reduce odor and keep feet cool.

2) The soft shock-absorbing rubber sheet provides a unique cushioning layer that can absorb impacts to provide maximum comfort and shock absorption. Soft, shock-absorbing rubber sheet support and provide comfort throughout the entire foot from heel strike to toe-off, gently shaping your foot.

3) Durable and tough TPU ensures proper medial and lateral arch function. It cooperates with the forefoot metatarsal pad to support the entire foot while providing optimal control and flexibility. It stabilizes the arch area and restores the natural structure of the foot. Knuckles, ankles, knees, and hips stay in an aligned position, which enhances your foot stability and reduces foot pain.

4) Front and rear Poron pads on the bottom recover and absorb sports energy.

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