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Poron heel cushion EVA Sport Insoles

Type Sports Insoles
Place of Origin XIAMEN, Fujian, China
Model No. 1052
Material Bicolor polyester cloth + Beige Cushioning Eva + Heel cup blue perforation Eva + Poron pads + Big TPE Gel Heel pad
Size 35#-46#
Color Black + Beige + Blue
Package 1. Support OPP bag, PVC bag, POLY bag, PP box, PVC box, paper box, carton and other packaging. 2. Customized packaging according to customer requirements.
MOQ 500 Pairs
Feature  The cushioning at the forefoot and heel makes the wearing comfortable for high-impact activity
Function  Stabilize foot and prevent foot rolling
Usage  Sports activities, boots wearing & Casual
Certificate BSCI



Design features of Poron heel cushion EVA Sport Insoles:

  1. By fitting the transverse arch and providing protection on the inner and outer sides, it controls excessive pronation and supination of the foot during basketball activities, providing support and stability while effectively preventing common injuries such as plantar fasciitis.
  2. The use of flexible materials throughout enhances jumping ability reduces foot pain, and the heel cup design reduces the risk of ankle sprains.
  3. The MET PAD disperses excessive pressure on the forefoot during basketball movements, helping to alleviate forefoot pain and enhance adaptability during basketball activities.
  4. The PORON shock-absorbing pads at the forefoot and heel, in combination with the overall TEP GEL heel cup, provide additional cushioning and increase energy return, improving stride length and propulsion, thereby enhancing athletic performance.
  5. The textured design on the forefoot surface provides anti-slip functionality.

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