This appears to be a great solution. I Googled “remove shoe stickers” and found a group of people who were having the same issue. They all said that it was cheaper in the store and that they had never had any issues with designer shoes.

Each foot is special, and the insole of the soul can feel different depending on the shoe. I typically wear a size 7.5 or 8. My shoes have a narrow metatarsal segment to support a stiff medial wall, which makes the soul feel higher in the arc and flatter in broader shoes with a softer medial wall.
Spray your insole and glue with the adhesive recommended in the package. To protect the surface when spraying, place the shoe on the side and cover it with a large piece of paper or cloth. Follow the guidelines for using a glue bottle to spray.

To put it lightly, removing price tags is a real pain. I recently purchased a collection of bowls and plates that were adorned with obnoxious SKU stickers. It was as if I had left a sheet of paper stuck on when I tried to peel it off.

When transferring the insole from one shoe to another, it’s crucial to be gentle. Soap, grease, and foot powder all have the potential to damage the adhesive. Although the adhesive will inevitably wear out, you can hold an insole in place for years by using double-sided tape. The insole should be long-lasting enough to retain its form. An older pair that has lost some of its stickiness can be used as the lining for a different shoe or a sport shoe with a reversible lining.

When I bought my bottle from UN-Du, the compliant version was not available, so I couldn’t compare the two. But, before they launched a compliant version, I squeezed out as much substance as possible and tried to go for a scent that didn’t bother me (a little nail polish remover and grater alcohol).

It goes without saying that the adhesives used to separate the insole from the last one must be applied at high temperatures. High temperatures will destroy most shoe materials, and any adhesive that needs a considerable amount of heat to sever the adhesive bond is unacceptable. This requirement is fulfilled by adhesives of this kind, which can be broken by mechanical vibrations and don’t require the use of solvents or high temperatures. It’s also worth noting that the adhesive bond will adhere to the outsole, allowing the shoe to be removed from the sole without having to go through the vibration treatment mentioned above.