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Soccer Insole Football Orthotics

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Soccer Insoles, 506-1#

1.  It designs for soccer shoes.

The soccer insole is an innovative sport orthopedic arch support, designed specifically for high-impact football activities.

It’s a flexible arch design of natural contour benefit for longitudinal medial arch provides proper foot alignment, and balances out foot impact areas for shock absorption to reduces foot fatigue ;

The higher raised side flanges stabilize the insole and help maintain the shape to control foot movement and stability, reduce excessive pronation and supination, and effectively prevent ankle sprain.

The bottom anti-slip pads are conducive to the quick start and sharp stop in football activity and improve the pressure and shock absorption of the forefoot and heel part;

Meanwhile, the flexible forefoot improves mobility and reduces impact shock;

Soccer Insoles Display

cycling insole
cycling insole

Football Insoles Parameter

 Type:   Soccer Insoles
 Color:   As picture
 Cooperation:   ODM, OEM, and Custom made Available
 Payment terms:   T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal, etc.
 Package:   Plastic box ; Colored Paper box ; Polybag, etc.
 Port of Loading:   XIAMEN, FUJIAN, CHINA
 Model No.   506-1


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