the summer is a hot season, we like to wear cool clothes, Such as the short sleeve, sandals, vest, etc. ) , especially in hot summer, want to have a pair of wrapped feet a whole winter. We have also the ventilation pairs of beautiful sandals in this season. But horny soles and crusty feet, let you always only dare to wear bags shoes? Skin friction shoes for a long time will form a cocoon, friction caused the main reason for the original foot type problem with insufficient strength, shoes don’t fit me.

among them, the most common reason is to wear the shoes don’t fit me, cause the skin in order to protect themselves and thickening. Carefully take care of your feet, now before the summer can meimei wear sandals.

the foot problem of cocoons are often not just on foot, as long as according to the long cocoon site to find the reason, change their position or wear shoes, you can improve. On the other hand, don’t think long cocoon is not good-looking is neglected. Because the foot is responsible for supporting the body weight, body posture or skewed see feet knew it!

toes between long cocoon: in general between the toes, cocoon are shoes too oppressive. Suggest less wear shoes head too pointy shoes, choose a sole soft cushion shoes, can reduce the friction between the toes.

forefoot long cocoon: people who often wear high heels often have foot long before the cocoon, but things may not be so simple. Forefoot long cocoon and toe muscle recession may be arch warning! Such not only can let the body weight average cannot exert on the feet, also easy to cause the thumb hallux valgus. Suggest less wear high-heeled shoes, wear shoes with arch support, take exercise more at ordinary times the soles of your feet muscles is the solution.

great toe root, the little toe lateral long cocoon: this two parts easy to long cocoon, may be O leg or X leg heel connect crus bone asymmetry caused. The Achilles tendon, and normal heel bone in should be perpendicular to the floor while standing. This part once askew, can let a particularly heavy burden on only one side of the foot, also easy to long cocoon. Stretch a lot as well as orthotic insole manufacturers improve ankle and Achilles tendon, o can also improve. In addition, when you walk remember always consciousness of the thumb and little finger and heel part of the balancing force application.

your joints long cocoon: top of the shoe is too narrow shoes, will let the toes cannot fully extended, huddled together lead to constant friction to shoes and long the cocoon. By contrast is too big shoes will let feet before and after the friction shoes for walking, compression toe. Better is in the afternoon to buy shoes, feet together try test on comfort, take a walk after confirm size suitable to buy.

the girl because of different occasions, sometimes have to wear high heels and other uncomfortable shoes. Women especially easy to cold hands and feet, especially foot furthest away from the heart, and easy to poor circulation, and poor blood circulation can cause the skin keratinization of reason! Wear open-toed sandals to catch cold catch cold feet dry, returned home after Suggestions can massage, promote blood circulation, exercise do moisturizing, by the way.

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