flat feet and sufficient evaginate at each stage will actually happen more or less, for children with severe flat feet, when to begin to wear corrective shoes is the best? When wear corrective shoes can give to the baby the best of care? The answer is the sooner the better.

a few days ago, fudan university, director of the institute of sports medicine, foot health and shoes, director of the center, professor, PhD supervisor professor shi-yi Chen said in an interview with the southern metropolis daily, around the age of six, children’s foot into a period of rapid development, this stage need to pay attention to when choose shoes. He suggested that children’s wear has a certain correction, shape function of health shoes, early intervention on children’s foot development, avoid irreversible impact flat feet. If a child appeared flat feet, etc. , usually before the age of 14, treatment and correction effect is better.

so how do you catch the time before the age of 14, exerting a positive intervention, to help the child’s foot back to normal? Children should be to have the relevant qualifications and professional support, correctional institutions, such as the correct shoes and custom insoles center, the first step is to measure, the second step according to the result of measurement custom child corrective insoles. General measure program including instrumental analysis technique, gait observation and inspection, etc. , and comprehensive consideration of physical development information, such as height and weight can be specified for the child right foot development situation of correct shoe orthotic insole manufacturers or correction. For correction of severe flat feet and after sufficient evaginate design shoes, correct shoes and custom insoles center correction has three functions: dual density soles, a specially designed heel cup, followed by the locking orthotic insole manufacturers, can effectively control the ankle joints, reducing the risk of knee, hip appear strain. The working principle of the correct shoes or corrective orthotic insole manufacturers.

second, good custom insoles after correction for the child, is about to give children do science wearing. We know that children with severe flat feet or foot with the other children, from normal children shoes to rectify the middle is the need to have a transition process. Correct shoes and custom insoles center often said, when wear corrective shoes, gradual process should be given to children. Generally from less time wearing, such as wear only 1 – a day 2 hours and gradually transition to wear when you walk.

in addition, because of the effects of the flat feet, these children often walk shout pain, in order to avoid the pain and hurt, often consciously or unconsciously to reduce walk or movement, this time, the importance of the correct shoes will show up. After corrective shoes on, can effectively reduce the child foot fatigue and pain, foot discomfort to reduce child would prefer to go to exercise, then can encourage the children to do some more help to the feet restore movement, such as some stretching, jumping movement, etc. Such as tensile rope skipping, buckle with towel foot is right choice.

with science correction principle of tie-in dress and exercise method, can promote a foot muscles faster restore elasticity, can help children gradually under the intervention of the foot back to normal.

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