IDEASTEP Orthotics is a custom orthotics specialist. We have a long history in the foot-care industry and take pride in our ability to give pain relief for persons who suffer from aches and pains caused by high arches in their feet. IDEASTEP uses cutting-edge technology to deliver flawlessly created and effective orthotics for high arches right to your door. Our three-step procedure is straightforward and quick. Every one of our customers receives a foam impression kit in the mail, which is used to generate an accurate impression of their foot. This kit is then returned to us using a pre-paid postal label. We will use the impression kit to produce an orthotic that is exactly shaped to your foot, and you will receive your custom orthotics directly to your door in a short period of time. There is no better method to relieve pain from high arches than with one of our custom orthotics. We offer the correct custom orthotics for you no matter what style of shoe you wear. We’ve created casual shoe orthotics for your everyday shoes. We offer bespoke sneaker orthotics if you lead an active lifestyle.


If you are thinking about getting orthotics for high arches or want to understand more about the common reasons of pain linked with high arches, we are here to help.


What exactly are High Arches?

High arches are a type of foot condition in which a person has an abnormally high arch between the ball and heel of the foot. This is more scientifically known as cavus foot, a condition that can cause a range of aches and symptoms for people who have it. When a person walks, stands, or runs, high arches without proper arch support can cause an excess of weight to be imposed on the ball and heel of the foot. People who do not treat this illness in any way may experience pain and instability. Hammertoes or claw toes, excessive callouses on various regions of the foot, soreness and inflammation, and instability when standing or moving are all signs and symptoms that can assist diagnose the disorder. High arches can develop at any age, and they can occur in either one foot or both feet.


High arches are not usually obvious, but a doctor can utilize a range of signs to diagnose the foot disease. Foot muscular strength is assessed, and walking patterns are studied to assist identify pre-existing high arches. If x-rays are required, they can be utilized to establish if a person has high arches in their feet. Corrective surgery may be required in severe cases of cavus foot to adequately address the afflicted foot. In most situations, however, patients may cure this disease using orthotics for high arches or other shoe adjustments. Non-surgical methods of treatment are typically recommended as the first step in addressing the issue, with high arch support inserts being the most prevalent treatment. Orthotics can make a significant difference in the amount of comfort and pain relief for anyone with high arches.


High arches and the discomfort that can accompany them are unique to each individual, but this does not mean that we treat any of our customers differently. Because any amount of pain is too much for anyone, we are continuously doing our best to assist everyone get pain relief from high arches.


What Kind of Pain Is Caused by High Arches?

A person with high arches can suffer from a wide range of pain. The intensity of the pain varies greatly from person to person and is usually determined by the severity of the disease. The extremeness of the arch height, the capacity for movement of the joints in the foot, a person’s weight, and the amount of stress caused by a person’s everyday activities are all factors that contribute to pain from high arches. Some persons with high arches experience little to no pain, while others experience significant agony. People who have developed a cavus foot might have a wide range of symptoms including pain, with varying degrees of discomfort and severity.


Symptoms are minor.


Difficulties locating appropriate footwear owing to atypical foot forms

Discomfort around the ankle joint

Instability while standing

Foot length is shorter.

Callouses formation

Severe Signs and Symptoms


Standing or moving causes pain in the affected feet.

Foot ache at the ball of the foot

The heel of the foot is hurting.

The arch of the foot is causing you pain or discomfort.

Stress fractures in the affected foot’s bones

Diabetes problems or poor blood circulation may increase the risk of ulcers.

The start of degenerative joint disorders at a young age

Achilles tendon tendonitis

Knee discomfort

Hip discomfort

Lower back discomfort

The level of pain suffered by each individual suffering with high arches varies, yet ongoing stress and agony can have a direct impact on a person’s well-being and livelihood. This means that relieving that pain should be a key focus for any provider of custom manufactured orthotics, and it is something that we at IDEASTEP are constantly striving for.


What are the Origins of High Arches?

High arches can be caused by a number of circumstances, and each situation is somewhat unique. The severity of the problem is determined by the cause, making precise diagnosis even more important as the best available treatment. This can also assist evaluate if the disease is likely to deteriorate or remain stable over time. High arches can occur as a result of neurological diseases or as a result of a hereditary structural defect. High arches caused by a neurological problem are more likely to deteriorate with time, but high arches generated by an inherited condition are less likely to change over time.


The Most Common Causes of High Arches

Normal Variant — Humans come in numerous shapes and sizes, and feet are no exception. Some people have high arches because they were born with a higher arch. The severity of these types of situations can vary, although they are typically not life-threatening.

Hereditary — In some situations, high arches pre-existed in the family line and was passed down as a hereditary feature. The severity of cases caused by an inherited ailment varies, but they are usually stable or predicted based on family history.

Congenital Conditions – A congenital condition, often known as a deformity or birth defect, is a birth aberration that exists at birth. Congenital disorders can have a variety of causes, and the severity of these situations can also vary depending on the diagnosis.

Neuromuscular Disease – A neuromuscular disease is a disorder that affects a person’s muscles and nerves. High arches can be a sign of neuromuscular illnesses such as poliomyelitis or other degenerative diseases. These situations are frequently significantly more severe than other causes of high arches.

Nerve Trauma – Nerve trauma, or severe nerve damage, can also be the cause of high arches. The severity of nerve trauma instances might also vary depending on the amount of the damage.

What Are the Long-Term Consequences of High Arches?

If left addressed, high arched feet might lead to more serious complications. The disease is more or less likely to worsen with time, depending on the source of the high arches. Even in less severe cases of high arches, if they are not treated, other symptoms may arise gradually. The most typical long-term effects of untreated high arches are the development of hammertoes or claw toes, as well as the formation of thick callouses on parts of the foot that are subjected to increased stress during daily activity. It is also conceivable that the level of pain caused by high arches may worsen if they are not treated with something as simple as insoles.


As with any medical problem, if nothing is done to ameliorate the situation, it will deteriorate. This is most obvious in severe cases of high arches since they tend to worsen over time, but long-term repercussions can also be seen in mild cases of high arches. Daily pain that lingers or is caused by excessive physical activity often worsens over time, with the person with high arches experiencing a higher level of pain. Seeking adequate treatment is the best line of action for anyone experiencing symptoms of high arches.


How Do Orthotics Aid in the Relief of Pain Caused by High Arches?

Orthotics for high arches may relieve discomfort by restoring natural foot alignment. An orthotic is intended to offer strong arch support to the parts of the foot that need it the most. This helps to relieve pain and stress on regions of the foot that bear higher weight due to the abnormalities in the foot’s anatomy. Using high arch support inserts, such as orthotics, allows a person to maintain a more regular stance and take a more natural step. This improves a physical relationship known as the kinetic chain, which has general favorable impacts on the body.


The kinetic chain is a medical phrase that refers to the idea that every moving joint and muscle has a direct influence on the portions of the body that are adjacent to it. When any portion of a kinetic chain is misaligned, it can have a negative impact on every other part of the body. If you consider the foot to be the basis of the kinetic chain, a misplaced step caused by a high arch might cause even more problems throughout the body. Orthotics and other forms of high arch support insoles can assist to alleviate this pain by keeping the foot in a more natural position and by giving additional support to deficient areas of the foot. This relieves parts of the foot that would otherwise be required to carry more weight than necessary, which benefits the rest of the body. Orthotics for high arches are designed to achieve just that, but it is also one of the reasons why custom fitting orthotics are so crucial. Custom orthotics are even more effective in relieving discomfort from high arches because they are designed to support the most crucial parts of each particular foot.


Why are IDEASTEP orthotics the best choice?

Because it has been proven to work, IDEASTEP Orthotics are the greatest solution for anyone seeking relief from high arches. IDEASTEP is a fourth generation company dedicated to helping individuals live fuller lives by delivering skilled pain management through custom manufactured orthotics. Our purpose is to educate and support those who suffer from the symptoms and suffering of high arches, which means we take each orthotic seriously and always endeavor to manufacture the greatest orthotics for high arches. We use cutting-edge technology to construct correctly molded orthotics for high arches on a constant basis. IDEASTEP Orthotics is the greatest solution for anyone looking for effective pain treatment from high arches because to our dedication and experience.


Technological Innovation


Because we designed our product utilizing the most advanced technology, IDEASTEP has proven to be the greatest alternative for high arch support inserts. We use cutting-edge technology at every stage of the process to ensure that we can develop the greatest orthotics for high arches possible. We recognize how vital having an appropriately constructed orthotic is, so we are committed to pursuing every avenue available in the manufacture of flawlessly fitted insoles. We employ specialized equipment to properly measure the foot, construct the optimum design to support the aberrant structures in the foot, and produce an orthotic that is most suited to each customer in order to maximize our accuracy and capacity to make exceptional orthotics. For years, we have been upgrading our technology, and we are constantly looking for new ways to create high arch support inserts, as well as new ways to relieve discomfort associated with high arches.


Our technological procedures are cutting-edge in the field of foot care, and we keep up to date on any new medical developments or treatments that may be able to aid our consumers. Some companies may rely on technology to simply replicate the same kind of orthotic over and over, but we know from research and analysis that bespoke orthotics specially built for a specific foot are the best treatment for most types of foot issues. By adhering to this criteria, we can assure that we are actually the greatest option for orthotics capable of significantly improving our customers’ lives.


Simple Ordering Procedure


Our exceptionally simple buying process is part of what makes IDEASTEP the greatest solution for anyone seeking pain relief from high arches. Few orthotic companies are capable of giving such flawlessly constructed orthotics to their clients without them even stepping out the door. We understand that mobility challenges and chronic discomfort can be symptoms of high arches, therefore we created our ordering procedure to be user-friendly for anyone, regardless of their busy schedule or trouble walking. This means that anyone can have a wonderful bespoke orthotic by following the simple steps of our ordering process.


Step one.

The first step in receiving an IDEASTEP orthotic is to choose one of our products that best fits your needs. We provide orthotics for a wide range of shoes, from cleats to sneakers, and each one may be custom created to suit your foot exactly.


Step two.

We will send you a foam imprint kit in the mail once you have selected your desired product and your order has been confirmed. The foam impression kit can be used to generate an accurate impression of your foot, which will be utilized to construct a custom-fit orthotic.


Step three.

Once you’ve made an imprint of your foot or feet with the foam impression kit, all you have to do is mail it back to us using the pre-paid postage label included with the kit.


Step four.

The impression will be used to manufacture a bespoke orthotic for you, which will be shipped directly to your home. It’s just that simple!


This ordering process has been designed to be as simple as possible. However, we must continue to follow high standards in order to ensure that our custom orthotics are as successful as possible. This implies that we take care at every stage of the ordering process so that we can supply flawlessly fitted custom orthotics as soon as possible.

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