CIF is similar to that of the CFR, with the only difference that the supplier also assumes the insurance costs of delivering goods to the port of destination. However, it is a more convenient way of shipping since you don’t have to deal with freight or other shipping details though it costs you more than CFR. We, as a seller, are responsible for arranging the freight and insurance details by working with our own forwarder. If you are new in international trade or you want a very small cargo, it’s highly suggested that you choose this kind of transport mode. Tell us your requirements and expectation about custom orthotic insoles , we will work out the best solution.
What about CIF of custom orthotic insoles ?
Ideastep offers a wide range of height insoles with competitive price. Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd.’s heated insoles series include multiple types. The production of Ideastep hiking shoe insoles is produced under the strict supervision of our professionals. It is granted with the qualification certificate of Foot Health Care and CE certification. Ideastep sticks to the quality tenet of being the first-rate half insole manufacturer. With a heat-moldable heel cup, it can stabilize the heel position.
What about CIF of custom orthotic insoles ?
We are widely acclaimed for the professional services for orthotic inserts. Get price!

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