Insoles and orthotics 

A lot of people uses the term insole and factory liner interchangeably, describing the piece of fabric or foam that comes with your shoe. Some insoles are removable, making they easy to replace, and some are permanently affixed. However, we at IDEASTEP (and others) also use the term insole  and  orthotic to describe an aftermarket addition to your shoe to enhance comfort, pain relief or performance. Insoles are typically made in either full length sizes, or in three-quarter length sizes to fit in slimmer-fitting footwear.

A term most often used to describe medical devices prescribed or recommended by podiatrists or healthcare professionals for the treatment of foot pain. However, people sometimes the word orthotics in the same way that they use insoles, footbeds, shoe inserts and arch supports, meaning they can be purchased over the counter, without a prescription. (Note: If you want to get really technical, the word orthotic is actually an adjective so it should have another word next to it, like orthotic device or orthotic support. However, over time, popular use of the term has made the use of the word orthotic(s) acceptable as a noun.)

There you have it — the simple, easy-to-understand world of insole, footbed, shoe insert, orthotic, arch support terminology.

But take it from us: feel free to call your insoles anything you want, as long as they make your shoes more comfortable and treat your feet well.

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