Why can’t you just buy orthotic insoles whenever you want?

Orthotic insoles cannot be bought at will. Children often shout “feet tired”, “feet uncomfortable”, unwilling to do more exercise, or have abnormal foot arches, parents may wish to take their children to the hospital for examination during the summer vacation. Medical professionals reminded that through corrective insoles and targeted training before the age of 16, it is possible to correct abnormal arches. However, the condition of each child’s foot arch is different, and even the left and right feet are very different. Therefore, like fitting myopia glasses, go to the hospital or professional organization to check the child’s feet, lower limbs, and even the pelvis, and then customize it.

70% to 80% of children have abnormal foot arches

Health surveillance and inspections of primary and secondary school students in many places in my country found that 70 to 80% of primary and secondary school students have abnormal foot arch problems. According to Han Xiulan, a therapist in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the East Hospital of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, flat feet is the most common in children with abnormal arches. Children with flat feet walk because of poor arches and limited dorsiflexion of the metatarsophalangeal joints of the big toe. When the calf, thigh, and other muscles are overactive to compensate, the muscle energy consumption is relatively large, and it will be easier to fatigue. Flat feet can also easily lead to plantar fasciitis, causing plantar pain. In addition, children with flat feet are more likely to sprain the ankle (especially the lateral ankle), and as long as they have sprained once, the chance of developing a habitual sprain will greatly increase. Children with flat feet often have feet valgus, which will cause a lot of pressure on the inside of the foot, the inside of the ankle, and the inside of the knee joint, which often leads to pain in these areas.

Han Xiulan reminded that if children are tired from walking or running, they often complain of foot pain, knee joint pain, frequently sprained ankles, frequent falls, and poor gait all indicate the possibility of flat feet. It is recommended that parents take their children to the hospital during the summer vacation for necessary procedures. an examination.

Girls 16 years old/boys 18 years old are expected to be corrected

If the child is diagnosed with flat feet, it is best to correct it as soon as possible. Han Xiulan introduced that boys before the age of 18, and girls before the age of 16 because the lower limbs have not yet been developed, they have the opportunity to be corrected. They can reshape the arch of the foot by wearing professional corrective insoles. In other words, the flat feet of children can be cured. Yes, it can be said to benefit the child for life. If you wait until your child is an adult before wearing orthopedic insoles, it can only improve symptoms, but it does not correct bone alignment. This is like a child’s nearsightedness. When it is a pseudo-myopia stage, the vision can be restored to normal through rest and training, but when it develops true myopia, it takes a lifetime to wear glasses.

Orthotic insoles must be customized

When some parents know that their children have flat feet, they buy prefabricated orthotic insoles for their children online or in shoe stores. Some children feel that their symptoms have improved after using them, but some complain that the discomfort is more serious. How can this be done? Han Xiulan explained that orthotic insoles, like myopia glasses, require strict fitting and tailoring. It turns out that although they are all flat feet, the arches of each child will be different, and even the arches of the left and right feet of the same child may be very different (for example, one foot is flat, the other is normal). As mentioned above, children with flat feet are often accompanied by problems such as internal foot, knee valgus, external hip rotation, long and short legs. Each child’s situation is extremely different. The doctor will treat the child’s whole body when fitting corrective insoles. The bone development is evaluated, and the evaluation time takes 30-60 minutes. All aspects of the body must be considered comprehensively. For example, the thickness of the two insoles of children with long and short legs will be different, so the orthotic insoles must be tailored, otherwise, the child’s arch abnormality may not be corrected, and the symptoms may even be aggravated.

No symptoms, it doesn’t mean there are no hidden dangers!

There are a small number of children who have flat feet but do not usually show discomfort, so parents will feel that there is no need for the child to correct. Han Xiulan answered that some children have the better physical compensatory ability, or they are not moving, so the symptoms are not obvious. The absence of symptoms does not mean that there is no problem. As children get older, when the body is unable to compensate, various discomforts will appear. They may develop neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, and other problems in adulthood earlier than normal people.

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