What can a Diabetic Insole do for you?

Diabetic insole is a type designed for people with diabetes, arthritis or other conditions that cause sensitive feet.

Diabetic insoles feature soft, low-density fabric to help eliminate spots that can cause blisters, help reduce foot pain, and can be an integral part of a diabetic foot care.

Diabetes is characterized by:

1. Hyperglycemia in the blood;
2. The blood flow of the capillaries is slow, so the wound is difficult to heal, and it is easy to form ulcers, suppuration, gangrene, and severe amputation;
3. Loss of touch and pain.

diabetic insole

Diabetes Manifestations:

1. Impairment or loss of sensation in the feet;
2. Insufficient oxygen supply to the joints, skin and other nutrients are insufficient, and the feet are easily injured;
3. The joints are easy to dislocate, the arch of the foot is easy to collapse, and the foot joints are easy to deform.

Diabetic insole features are as follows:

1. The fabric is skin-friendly and soft to avoid scratching the skin, so the diabetic insole needs to use a special fabric for diabetes (Plastazote, is physical foam, non-irritating, nitrogen open-cell foam, good breathability), but due to the price of the fabric Expensive, we have developed ultra-fine EVA material, which is characterized by chemical foaming and closed-mouth foaming;

2. The hardness of the sole material should be 40a. The uniform hardness of the sole can distribute the pressure evenly and support it moderately. The foam material can protect the vulnerable sole skin; our fabric and bottom material are generally made of EVA material, except The bottom of the PU-D model is made of PU material. No matter how compressed the PU material is, as long as the same material is used, the density of the entire insole is the same;

3. The insole has a wrapping property, which can prevent foreign bodies from infiltrating the sole of the foot;

4. Thermoplastic (about 100 ℃) and heat drying gun (about 110 ℃) can be used for the insole, which can make the insole fit the foot shape.


Flat Cushioned Insole

Cushioned arch support

full length footbed

Soft, low-density foam top helps eliminate blisters

Shore Durometer A 40 flexible EVA Base cushioning

Shock absorption provided by the HEEL PART impact zone

Shoe type: sports shoes, boots, casual shoes

Activity Type: Run & Walk, Stand Up, Office & Dress, Ski & Snowboard, Casual.

Arch type: low arch, neutral arch

Pain relief: Diabetes, Arthritis and forefoot pain


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