after brain injury in children at the age of two, because the muscle strength was not fully established, if the don’t look at the center of gravity balance on line, may cause knee flexion/knee stretched generation and deformation, advice in orthopaedic foot holds or orthopaedic foot slippers help to stand up and walk to the line.

knee hyperextension is to point to in the process of walking or standing, the side of the lower limb in support phase (knee overstretching Knee stretching Angle is greater than 5 °) , the body center of gravity back, the phenomenon of the body after the trend. The causes of knee hyperextension is commonly more than weak quadriceps muscle power, ankle proprioception defects, etc.

solution: can choose fixed foot control. Mainly used ground reflection force control basic biomechanical function concept, and thus prevent the process of advancing the body when walking on knee hyperextension.

toe and knee flexion walk: children in the gait cycle presents the knee gait, pointed foot and knee flexion. Because of the Achilles tendon after too close, gastrocnemius muscle atrophy, the foot joints abnormal fusion, etc. , make its active or passive back stretch ankle and joints can reach 90 degrees.

solution: select stationary foot and extensions in the heel of the foot, so, reach the role of adaptation. Such as muscle or tendon problems involved, manipulation treatment options are available, but involves the bone fusion, can consider to choose operation.

knee flexion refers to the ankle joint excessive bending, walking or standing process to appear the phenomenon of knee flexion.

solution: use fixed foot, but the situation is absolutely cannot use the joint control of foot. And similar with the knee, this kind of brace is primarily the basic biomechanics of application of the ground reflection control function concept, so as to prevent the status of the walking process of knee flexion.

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