Quik Orthoses Former

The Quick Orthoses Former is a tool specifically designed for podiatrists to assist in the creation of custom orthotic insoles. It offers several benefits and helps streamline the orthotic fabrication process. Here’s how it can help:

1. Time-saving

The Quick Orthoses Former allows podiatrists to quickly mold and shape thermoplastic materials, such as polypropylene or EVA, into customized orthotic shapes without the need for traditional plaster casting methods. This saves time compared to more labor-intensive techniques.

2. Customization

Podiatrists can use the Quick Orthoses Former to create personalized orthotics by heating and molding the chosen material directly onto the former. This enables them to tailor the shape, arch support, and other features according to each patient’s specific needs.

3. Consistency

The device helps ensure consistency in producing accurate replicas of patients’ foot morphology when making multiple pairs of orthotics over time.

4. Patient comfort

By using precise molds created with the Quick Orthoses Former, podiatrists can better align orthotics with their patients’ foot contours and provide enhanced comfort and support.

5. Versatility

The Quick Orthoses Former accommodates various types of thermoplastic materials commonly used in orthotic manufacturing, allowing podiatrists flexibility in choosing suitable materials based on individual patient requirements.

Overall, this tool assists podiatrists in efficiently creating custom-made orthotic insoles that are tailored to address specific foot conditions while improving patient comfort and functionality.

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