Why some people can’t do it ‘Asian squat’

you can do the following action:

whole orthotic insole manufacturers, heel firmly on the ground, the lower extremities bending adequately. The weight of the whole body concentration in the heel, so that the latter more support to the body.

‘right position’ in this picture called ‘Asian squat down. This name is because, according to the statistics, nearly all the normal joint function of asians can do this action, and in Europe and the United States, less than twenty percent of the people to be able to do this action, and keep the balance.

however, can’t do this action, such as when the next crouching toe or heel will involuntarily out of the ground, squat about couldn’t help shaking or is difficult to keep balance, you will need to take a look at your health.

if you want to make a standard of ‘Asian squat’ action, actually need to ankle, knee, hip, waist, and other joint and soft tissue of coordination operation, involving muscles including vertical spinal muscular, glutes, quadriceps, popliteus and leg triceps, etc. Any one link or muscles appear problem, will result in unable to complete action.

1 ankle

usually, ankle dorsiflexion of the activity of 0 ~ 45 degrees, the only activity level in the normal range, the ankle can be fully dorsiflexion, to support the complete squat posture, etc. If there is a shortening of the Achilles tendon, joint press-fitting, functional ankle instability problems, such as finished cannot normal ankle dorsiflexion movement.

2 knee

squats, also need flexibility to buckling to cooperate with the knee joint. If you have any problem such as muscle, ligament, knee joint such as the quadriceps high tension, shortening of the anterior cruciate ligament, squat action may cause pain, unable to make lower limbs coordinate to complete action. Three hip

the study found that patients with gluteal muscle contracture often cannot make squat movement, in patients with damage to hip also can’t make a corresponding action.

4 waist

once also some people squat down to a certain depth, the waist will be painful, continue to maintain the action. This time is obviously the waist soft tissue with health problems.

and other reasons include pelvic rotation or pelvic tilt, an abnormal spine flexion, etc. , are likely to lead to can’t make a standard of ‘Asian squat down’ posture.

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