straight legs, no doubt, have lifted graceful posture, at the same time, it was the gait lithe indispensable element. In daily life, however, there are quite a few people standing, straight legs can’t together, and the ‘X’ form, which is often said that the X legs, is called on medicine ‘knock knees’.

a normal person standing or lying down, straighten out the legs together, at that time the medial knee and ankle inside should contact at the same time. If knee inside contact, the distance between the two feet medial malleolus widened, knock knees.

it is not hard to imagine that X leg knee joint in the case of feet together there will be a collision, so have X leg child easy to stumble when walking or running. Not only that, the biggest harm X leg is acceleration of the knee joint degeneration. Because of the increased pressure on the knee joint lateral meniscus shape legs, this would not necessarily appear in young stage knee joint pain, but over time, the stress of the joints imbalance will speed up the strain of knee joint.

tip: timely find X leg

watch children walking in the home, if the children had been a lot of fall, should pay attention to whether or not a child to have X leg.

most X leg can alleviate with normal development. From infancy to the stage of the development process of lower limbs 6 years old, young children’s knee will appear as the growth change, forming O leg first, and then form X leg, this is the normal development of the process. Along with the bone growth, femur and small leg will be outside, with the knee back to normal. In addition to the above in the normal development of temporary X leg, rickets, trauma and excessive pronation foot can also cause such as X leg.

serious X leg and corrective orthotic insole manufacturers can also be through brace for help; But if a child suffering from rickets, should be treated with rickets. If there is still more serious after child mature X leg phenomenon, can choose surgical method to restore the correct form of the legs.

tips: keep children away from X leg

don’t early to let children learn to walk

normal children begin to learn to stand for about nine months, can take a few steps when 11 months, 13 months can walk a few steps without support conditions, 15 months can walk on your own. If early to let children learn to walk, walk muscle strength failed to keep up with their own needs, easy to form abnormal gait, and even make the leg bone dysplasia.

correct children w-shaped posture

w-shaped posture more kids in the contact surface of the earth, can make children easier to stabilize the body on the ground, so if children playing on the ground, often take this posture. But this kind of posture will make femur internal rotation and tibia outreach, are more likely to aggravate the X leg.

choose strong protective shoes shoes

in children in the development of the leg can guide the development and protection. After children walking stability, can choose the heel cup for its harder shoes, step to stabilize its pose, reduce child walking foot when excessive twisting.

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