Hallux valgus, also known as “big foot bone”, refers to hallux valgus, where the first metatarsal varus, metatarsophalangeal joint dislocation, and the included angle of the metatarsophalangeal bone exceeds 15 degrees of the physiological angle, which is diagnosed as pathological hallux valgus. It is one of the most common foot diseases at present, often accompanied by hallucitis, callosal plantar pain and mallet toe. It is a complex foot deformity.


As for hallux valgus, there are professional criteria for judging what is light and what is heavy. Generally speaking, it can be divided into mild, moderate and severe hallux valgus. So, how to judge how many degrees of hallux valgus is serious?

Severity of hallux valgus by angle

According to the angle of appearance, the included angle formed by metatarsophalangeal deviation and dislocation is more than 15 degrees and less than 30 degrees, which belongs to mild range; 30~40 degrees are generally moderate; Above 40 degrees is severe; In addition, the included angle of the metatarsal bone of the patient exceeds 50 degrees and 60 degrees, and is accompanied by toe deformity, callose, pain, etc., which is considered to be extremely severe. This is only a general classification by angle, and the detailed classification is very perfect.


Detailed classification of the severity of hallux valgus

Previously, we talked about hallux valgus (big foot bone) is mostly caused by heredity or improper wearing of shoes, but its factors are as many as 20 kinds, including adductor muscle contracture, extensor dorsi tendon contracture, medial joint capsule contracture, lateral joint capsule contracture, abductor hallucis muscle relaxation, anterior arch transverse ligament relaxation and other factors, which constitute different types of hallux valgus.


There is also a classification method, which is based on the criteria of pain and whether it is combined with osteoarthritis. President Chen said: Many patients with hallux valgus (metatarsal) have a slight angle between the toe and metatarsal bones, but it is very painful. This situation is not mild; Then, according to the X-ray film and the dynamic and static analysis of the intelligent foot, the severity of the disease can be comprehensively judged. There are also some patients with hallux valgus (big foot bone) whose appearance angle is light or moderate, but it is complicated with osteoarthritis and joint flexibility is reduced. Such cases are also classified as severe hallux valgus.

What’s wrong with the inconsistent judgment between the patient and the doctor

Many times, the patient and the doctor’s judgment are not consistent. The patient said it was mild, but it became severe. That is because hallux valgus is a complex foot deformity, which is very complex; Therefore, when judging the severity of hallux valgus, we should not only rely on the appearance angle to classify and type, but also combine to see whether it has pain and whether it is combined with other diseases to comprehensively judge the severity of hallux valgus, which is the medical professional judgment standard.



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