Plantar calluses or important signs of imbalance of body biological force

Cocoon is called callose in medicine. When our skin is excessively rubbed, the local thickening of the outer skin is called cocoon to reduce the friction and damage to the dermis. Cocoons are common at the palmar joints and plantar joints. It is easy to understand the cocoon on the hands because they always rub rough objects, but how can the cocoon grow when the feet wear socks and shoes? In fact, in the final analysis, biomechanics is “making trouble”.

[How does biomechanics cause cocoons]

Biomechanics refers to the study of the function of organisms based on the principles and concepts of mechanics, and the investigation of the mechanical mechanism of the body in static and dynamic state by mathematical calculation and mechanical formula of motion to explain the normal and abnormal anatomical and physiological phenomena of organisms. It can be simply understood as the maintenance of static and dynamic balance and stability of the human body. When the body is abnormally stressed and the biomechanics is out of balance, in order to maintain balance, the stress center of each joint will shift to different degrees. Because the feet support the body, the center point of the foot joint deviates greatly, so that the biomechanics of the foot is out of balance. Once the foot is out of balance, if it is not handled, it will become more serious when standing and walking every day. Therefore, although your feet wear socks and shoes, they will be subject to friction and cocoons will appear over time.


[What causes the imbalance of body and foot biomechanics to cause cocoons]

As the saying goes, “enough to affect the whole body”, the foot carries the weight of the whole body. If there is a problem with the foot, it will affect all parts of the body, so foot protection is the key. Nowadays, there are various styles of shoes. For the sake of beauty, people try to wear hard shoes, narrow shoes, pointed shoes, high-heeled shoes and so on. Over time, the foot has worn out “problems”, such as hallux valgus, flatfoot, front arch collapse, foot valgus and so on. Of course, genetic factors are not excluded. In this way, the stress point of the sole shifts to the middle, so the position of the sole is easy to wear calluses.


[Did the pedicure shop really repair the foot cocoon]

We often see many pedicure shops on the street, and pedicure is their “most popular” project, such as the soles of the feet, the metatarsophalangeal joint of the toes, the small toe, and the heel. The soles of the feet, especially the soles, are frequent and heavy. The foot pain on the walking pad has deprived many friends of the right to enjoy the scenery. President Chen said: blindly repairing the foot cocoon is only to cure the surface, not the root cause. In the final analysis, restoring the balance of biological force is the key.


[What should I do if I have a cocoon on the sole of my foot]

If you find that there are calluses on your feet, especially on the soles of your feet, even if it is mild, President Chen suggests that you go to the regular pediatrics department to have a professional examination to see if there are problems such as hallux valgus and flat feet. If there are, if it is mild, you can delay the development of the disease through customized orthopedic insoles; If the moderate and severe cases are generally treated thoroughly by surgery, and then the plantar pressure is redistributed through orthopedic insoles after recovery to restore the balance of biological force, the cocoon will gradually decrease.


Finally, I would like to give you a warm reminder. If the foot has a cocoon, we must pay attention to it, find the cause and treat it as soon as possible; If the cocoon has not yet grown, don’t take chances. Try to wear less crowded shoes, pointed shoes and high-heeled shoes, and try to prevent the occurrence of cocoons.

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