Protect Children’s Foot Health

From children after 4 years old to adolescence, the foot arch begins to form slowly, but at this time, the foot development is not yet mature, and it is easy to have different degrees of flat foot and back foot valgus, and bad sitting posture, sleeping posture, and foot habits may also lead to leg problems such as splayed foot, X-shaped leg, O-shaped leg, etc.



Common children’s foot phenomenon

It should be noted that the feet of children aged 0-4 will be wrapped with meat, forming a false flat phenomenon, so parents need not worry too much about the situation that children at this stage have no arch or shallow arch. Of course, this does not mean that it can be ignored. The arch of the foot, which is still in the stage of gradual formation, may cause discomfort to children’s daily activities, such as walking long distances and exercise, which is easy to shout and tired feet, which will reduce children’s willingness to exercise, and will affect their physical development, including feet.



After the age of 4, parents can pass a simple “foot watermark” test to initially judge the development of children’s foot arch; At the same time, let the child stand naturally and observe the heel inclination.

In addition, X-shaped legs and O-shaped legs are also common in childhood. When children with X-shaped legs have their feet side by side, their knees overlap too much; The children with O-shaped legs have too much space between their knees when their feet are side by side. Both of these conditions can easily lead to long-term effects such as knee joint damage.



Physiological talipes valgus, flat feet, X-shaped legs, and O-shaped legs can be alleviated by improving bad posture, wearing shoes scientifically, and doing foot-protection exercises, and gradually disappear with the growth of children’s age. So, how to prevent and improve children’s related problems scientifically?


Check the foot regularly and make the arch support pad to check the foot selection

Many parents measure their children’s height regularly. But in fact, children not only grow tall, but also keep growing their feet. Therefore, after the child is 4 years old, it is recommended to have a foot examination every 4 months to understand the child’s foot development. A small number of children with serious foot problems, such as flatfoot and valgus, who are prone to family genetic diseases, are recommended to seek medical examination regularly.


In addition, according to the Chinese Children’s Footform Database, 90% of the foot problems of unhealthy feet are related to improper wearing of shoes in childhood.

Choose a pair of children’s arch support insoles that conform to the rules of children’s foot development, which can relieve children’s foot fatigue and create a good and comfortable development environment for the feet.



As a parent, the daily choice of shoes for children should not only start from the appearance, but also have a certain understanding of the children’s feet. Dr. Jiang escorts children’s foot health, recommends appropriate insoles and shoes on the basis of understanding children’s foot development, reduces parents’ worries about choosing shoes, and makes children wear healthier!

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