How to Choose Insoles?

Leather insoles: Many people like leather insoles, which are comfortable and elegant, and suitable for people with less sweat. However, the leather of the real leather insole is easy to age after absorbing sweat, and will become stiff, and the real leather insole can only absorb odor, cannot deodorize, and its hygroscopicity is not as good as the pure cotton insole.


Pure cotton insoles: For those who have more foot sweat and serious foot odor, it is better to use pure cotton insoles with good moisture absorption performance.


Activated carbon insoles: people with sweaty feet and smelly feet can try activated carbon insoles if the use of pure cotton insoles is still ineffective.


Chemical fiber insoles: inferior chemical fiber insoles have poor hygroscopicity and are prone to generate static electricity, which is harmful to health;Gore-tex advanced chemical fiber insole has good breathability and waterproof performance, but it is quite expensive.


Linen insole: In the season of high temperature, friends with more sweat can choose the linen insole with good moisture absorption.

Bamboo insole: In the season of high temperature, friends with little sweat can choose bamboo insole, which can bring cool feeling to the soles of feet.


Paper insoles: disposable products, convenient and sanitary, no pollution to the environment after being discarded. Suitable for business travel.


Maybe you think the insole is just a comfortable cushion. Yes, in the past, the function of the insole was just a cushion, but today’s modern technology has made the insole “upgraded”.



Prevent the foot from sliding inside the shoe

In addition to more professional sports shoes, the interior of most shoes is flat, but the soles of people’s feet are not flat. Therefore, when walking, the soles of feet will slide in the shoes, making each step more laborious, and long-distance walking more tiring. The use of a three-dimensional insole can fill the gap between the sole and the shoe bed and reduce the sliding of the sole in the shoe.

Improve the stability of the pace

The insole with supporting function can reduce the swing caused by heel landing when walking, thus reducing fatigue. To some extent, the support of good insoles is stronger than that of ordinary shoes.


Shock absorption

Although the shoes themselves have shock absorption function, the function of the insole should not be underestimated.

There are two types of cushioning insoles

One is to use a hard cup-shaped heel support, a hard rubber support with a proper radian, which can play a good shock absorption function, and is suitable for some activities with stable and lasting steps, such as fencing and hiking; The other is the insole made of soft materials. The most common is the air cushion, which can absorb the impact of heel landing, and is suitable for running, basketball and other running and jumping movements.

Correct bad posture

If the foot is “inside splay” or “outside splay”, the orthopedic insole can correct the foot posture. It sounds amazing, but this is what it can do. With the help of orthopedic insoles, people can correct their foot posture when walking and standing, thus reducing accidental injuries.


Drug sterilization

Medicated health insole is to immerse drugs into cloth insole, and play the role of anti-bacteria and sterilization through the volatilization of drugs. Be careful not to be too superstitious about health insoles when shopping. Take the massage insole for example, there are dozens of reflex areas on one foot. The main organs of the human body, such as heart, liver and kidney, have corresponding reflex areas on the foot. However, the massage points on the insole are “net casting”, lacking pertinence, and its therapeutic effect is also conceivable. If you wear it improperly, it will also thicken the foot skin, and sometimes even cause side effects.

Diabetes foot is easy to be damaged due to the complication of angioneuropathy in diabetes patients, and the skin of the foot is not easy to heal after the damage. Therefore, diabetes patients should avoid using massage insoles, and should choose comfortable cotton insoles.

The orthopedic insole has a certain corrective effect on some mild foot deformities. It can reduce the local excessive pressure of the foot caused by the foot deformities, thus alleviating the foot fatigue. However, orthopedic insoles must be used under the guidance of orthopedics.

For different shoes, the ideal insole should have different hardness, for example, the insole hardness of leather shoes should be smaller, and the insole hardness of sports shoes should be slightly higher.

Attention during use

Keep clean: insoles should be replaced every day. Brush the insole with soapy water once a week to keep the insole dry and clean, and prevent tinea pedis caused by mold breeding.

Regular replacement: Because the insole has certain shock absorption performance, this performance of the insole will be damaged after a long period of use.

Generally speaking, when the life of the sports insole equipped in the sports shoes is half consumed, the insole is “dead”.

For sports insoles, there is a basic replacement principle: after 150 hours of aerobic exercise, the insole will lose its elasticity, so it should be replaced.

3 days return 30 days replacement

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