Movement: walking, standing

In walking and standing, effectively absorb the pressure on the heel, relieve heel pain, as well as the tension of the heel tendon and calf muscles.

TRANSVERSE ARCH + MEDIAL ARCH forms arch support, which further distributes the pressure of the middle and rear feet evenly on the contact surface.

Forefoot massage effect, good for blood circulation

ORTHOLITE – Breathable and Odor Resistant for Walking and Standing All Day



Design principle: The whole piece of soft rubber on the heel helps to disperse the local pressure on the heel, and the yellow spacer at the middle waist can also share part of the pressure on the heel.

Scope of application: It is mainly effective for heel pain.

① Flat feet

② Fasciitis

③ heel pain

Function: Anti-shock and decompression, support the arch of the foot, relieve pain.





3 days return 30 days replacement

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