the child’s foot plasticity is very big, a little do not pay attention to is easy to have flat feet and sufficient evaginate after wait for a phenomenon. As the growth of the age, after the flat feet and sufficient evaginate most will recover, but if there is a serious when sufficient evaginate or flat feet, through the correct shoes to correct.

the first step in the intervention after severe flat feet and sufficient evaginate, is first to understand the child’s foot. Testing the effects of flat feet, fudan university, director of the institute of sports medicine, foot health and shoes, director of the research centre, professor, PhD supervisor of shi-yi Chen three kinds of methods of flat feet measurement, including observation, watermarking method and instrument measuring method.

watermarking method is the children’s feet wet with water, then put the foot on the dry paper, will form a watermark. Parents can according to the footprints, understanding whether children belong to the flat feet, ‘if the inside part of the big toe is fill up with watermark, is flat feet. ‘

observation is that children take off their shoes stood on the plane, if viewed from the side sag. If there is no depression, namely the arch position all contact with the ground, it is flat feet.

instrument measurement principle is that through the professional test instrument to measure foot to foot width, arch height, followed by the inclination of quantitative data support, access to the foot of the accurate situation. If there is a more severe degree of flat feet shall bring the child to correct shoes and custom custom orthopedic insoles center and other professional institutions to measure, through 3 d scanning and gait tracking, can accurately measure the child foot condition, and can be conducted according to foot to foot professional custom and the targeted correction.

for children with serious after flat feet and with sufficient evaginate, correct shoes and custom insoles center high help correct + corrective insoles combination is perfect. In design, correct the shoes with ankle joint whole package design, i. e. , on both sides of the heel cup, hardened fixtures, upper heightening, will foot structure of the whole package, thereby increasing the stability and control, to further the centralizer ankle, assist control knee lines of force, to effectively control the margin after sufficient evaginate. Additional corrective shoes with heel lock corrective insoles series: according to the degree of flat arches, a foot soft tissue thickness gives the most close to the required volume and orthodontic force, design with different slope, the range of heel arch retainer, followed by a nest of 6 kinds of insoles, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs.

by correct shoes and insoles for joint action to rectify the custom, can help children with severe after flat feet with sufficient evaginate correct foot type, back to normal.

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