Why needs arch support?

If you have plantar fasciitis, a debilitating inflammation of the foot, you’re more likely to have discomfort that isn’t relieved by wearing a heel brace.

The IDEASTEP plantar fasciitis insoles are made of a shock-absorbing material and have a shape that supports the foot where it’s required the most.

Knowing what kind of floor you have will help you find ways to support and develop it. High bow supports cushion the pressure on the foot when standing, walking, or running. The arch support is shaped to help distribute and relieve pressure on the feet by creating a deep heel cradle that keeps the ankles, knees, and hips aligned for a more efficient step. By aligning the ankles, elbows, and hips to maintain a secure foot and hold it upright, the arches help to stabilize the bones of the feet.

The arch support is a custom-made, prescription-only measure depending on the degree of plantar fasciitis, so if your foot has an extreme high arch, it’s best to consult a podiatrist for the best high arch orthotics. High arch support can also be provided by the right insoles, and if you’re looking for a high-quality insole, you’ll want one that’s flexible and bends where it’s needed. If you’re going to use your insole for more physical sports, make sure it’s flexible in other areas. Many high-domed props are too rigid, with no arch supports and a fixed foundation.

Although purchasing supportive shoes is a good idea, you can find that you also need additional support to relieve plantar fasciitis, and the best option for long-term comfort is to add a few fixed arch support insoles to your shoes. Orthological insides like the IDEASTEP have a curved heel shape with a deep heel shell and deep arc contours if you need an insole that doesn’t curl your foot too far inwards. The finer the curvature – contour for a higher arch – the deeper the heel shells in the insole.

A medium arch insert and flexible, flat feet are recommended if the bow appears while sitting. If your bows happen when you’re sitting, you have a flexible or flat foot, and you want medium-high bow insoles like the IDEASTEP insoles, you’ve come to the right place.




The rapid growth of the global insole (Arch Support inserts) market is mainly attributed to consumers’ health concerns, medical applications and the emergence of smart products. What are the specific needs and characteristics of the major markets?

According to the latest data from market research firm Technavio, 
the global insole market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7% from 2017 to 2021, and the market value will reach 3.6 billion US dollars by 2021.
Medical use is the biggest boost to promote insole products. The increase in consumer health awareness and the increase in diabetic patients are the main reasons.
Technavio's research focuses on the three major global insole markets:
Americas: the largest in the world
Technavio Hygiene and Health-related Research Analyst Amber Chourasia said: "The American insole market leaders are mainly the United States and Canada, which account for 45% of the overall American market."
The United States is the main market in the Americas. 
American consumers are more concerned about healthy lifestyles and use insoles even in daily activities, such as walking. 
In addition, many American athletes also use insoles in competitions or training to maximize the performance of sports shoes.
Europe, Middle East and Africa:
High-end smart products promote the growth of the insole market
Western European countries focus on improving the quality of medical services, which has a certain boosting effect on the global insole market. 
Medical service providers and caregivers have a strong demand for products, which has greatly promoted the emergence of high-end insole products, which have good performance, efficiency and safety.
At the same time, the government's support and promotion of healthy lifestyles has also promoted the growth of the insole market. The launch of projects such as WIISEL in Europe has also developed smart insoles for the elderly. 
Such insoles can detect the gait and balance of the elderly every day to prevent the elderly from falling. 
Smart products are expected to further promote the insole market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. growth of.
Asia Pacific: fastest growing
Amber said: “The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest-growing insole market. 
By 2021, its compound annual growth rate is expected to reach 9%. The region has great market potential, especially in fast-growing markets such as China and India. 
In order to increase consumer awareness of Arch support inserts in the Asia-Pacific region and let them understand the importance of suitable insoles, manufacturers have launched some education and training programs for insoles."
Increased investment in medical infrastructure by Asian governments and increased consumer health awareness have promoted the growth of the insole market.
Among them, the Indian market has the greatest growth potential.

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