Be Careful If You Don’t Feel Cold, Tingling Feet

Among the large and small vascular complications of diabetes, peripheral neuropathy is one of the most common (highest prevalence), earliest, and most easily overlooked chronic complications. Peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease will cause major complications such as diabetic feet and amputations that will become distracted by sugar friends. It must not be ignored.
According to previous studies, approximately one out of every two people with diabetes has peripheral neuropathy. Nearly half of the patients have not been diagnosed. I don’t know that this invisible foot hunter has harmed the body.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is divided into painful and non-painful types according to symptoms; non-painful types are further divided into symptomatic (numbness) and unconsciousness (loss of sensation).

The typical symptomatic diabetic peripheral neuropathy is generally symmetrical and starts at the distal end of the limb. In other words, the feet are usually affected before the hands.

About Pain

There are hundreds of kinds of foot pain, which one is diabetic peripheral neuropathy?

The typical peripheral neuropathy pain is bilaterally symmetrical, stinging, tingling, severe pain such as a burning sensation from a knife, or throbbing pain like being electrocuted.

Others are expressed as abnormal pain and light tenderness. They feel pain when they touch the sheets or clothes. Just like the princess in a fairy tale, the pea under several layers of mattresses can be felt. This is not a sugar friend groaning without illness. It is caused by the oversensitivity of the nervous system.

Most of these symptoms occur at night, or are more severely uncomfortable at night, and even interfere with sleep and affect the quality of life. Special reminder, if the pain is unilateral (only one foot) or localized in the joints, it is less like a typical diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and you need to find another cause.

It is recommended that sugar friends who have the above-mentioned typical symptoms of peripheral nerve pain should actively inform the doctor to confirm the diagnosis as soon as possible and receive further treatment. Studies have pointed out that chronic long-term pain due to excessive sensitivity of the nervous system may cause brain tissue loss. It is not just painful, but it is still harmful to the body.

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About Numb

Is the numbness of the feet caused by poor vascular circulation? It should be vigorously stimulated to improve blood circulation so that it becomes hot and red.

wrong. If the cause of numbness is caused by blood vessel obstruction, it may be accompanied by cold, intermittent lameness, and other symptoms. Intermittent lameness refers to “pain when walking or exercising, and it will improve after a short rest.”

Peripheral neuropathy is also the main cause of numbness. Patients must not use strong stimulation, such as walking healthy trails, wearing shoes that claim to have protrusions on the acupuncture points, soaking their feet with hot water, and directly applying warm packs. Improve circulation. Doing so may cause foot pain or injury insensitivity due to neuropathy and numbness. On the contrary, it may cause injury or burns. Improper handling will further deteriorate into ulcers or even amputations.

Because of numbness, patients may not feel good about the feedback of walking and stepping on the ground. Some patients will take extra heavy steps to confirm that their feet are on the ground.

In addition to being careful about falling, also pay attention to the selection of shoes. The soles must be soft and thick. Buffer the pressure of stepping on the ground.

Sugar friends have symptoms such as numbness and tingling of the feet. They must strictly control blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids to avoid deterioration; ask a doctor, seek the professional differential diagnosis of vascular surgery or foot specialists, find the true cause, use some drugs symptomatically, and be safe The adjuvant therapy has the opportunity to achieve the effect of symptom improvement.

Is it okay if it doesn’t feel numb or painful?

uncertain. A part of peripheral neuropathy is the loss of protective sensation. It is insensitive to heat, cold, pressure, and even acupuncture sensation, and it is difficult to detect it on its own unless it is professionally checked and tested.

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This kind of nonsensory peripheral neuropathy accounts for half. The danger is that the injured skin and flesh are often damaged and the black sugar friends don’t know it, and then it evolves into wound ulcers and necrosis.

To avoid this kind of neuropathy damage, remind sugar friends to cooperate with the regular check-ups arranged by the diabetes medical team, early screening, and self-examination of the feet every day, and good care.

Footwear must be soft and breathable. The size of the footwear is very important. Usually, you just take off your shoes. The area where you see the skin is over-squeezed. It is a high-risk area for diabetic foot wounds. You should change shoes that fit your feet and choose wide-lasting shoes. good.

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The feet should be clean, anti-mold is very important, cracked and rubbed lotion, dry between the toes
Toenails should be repaired regularly. Be careful not to injure the ingrown nails. Seek experts for thick calluses.
Choose your shoes and socks carefully, the size should fit your feet, be breathable and often cleaned, a wide last is key.
Check before putting on shoes for any foreign objects hidden in the shoes.
Take a closer look at your feet every day, and small injuries will become serious ones.
Blood sugar must be checked, and blood pressure and blood lipids must be controlled together.
Medication, diet and exercise can help you quit smoking.
To increase muscle mass and reduce fat mass, regular visits must be brave.

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