Our feet are actually unknown heroes in our lives, and people often ignore its health. Do you have the following troubles?

  1. Why don’t the leg shape not look good;
  2. The knee ankle joints did not run short after running, causing you not to let go of exercise;
  3. The wealthy bag and the small belly that is thinner and thinner makes you look older;
  4. After walking for a long time, I feel the pain of the soles of my feet;
  5. I always feel back pain and back pain, and I can’t find the cause, etc. Essence Essence
  6. In fact, these are the warning signals of the body, telling you that your feet may have a problem.

How to solve it? Buy a pair of better shoes? Go to massage acupuncture? Do not!

Shoes do not replace the insoles. No matter how good the shoes can be provided for the effect of cushioning, only insoles can provide support to the foot to maintain the most correct and optimal arc physiological arc.

The same is true of massage acupuncture, and the method of treating the standard is not cured. You can spend 1 hour massage, but you keep your body back into the wrong balance of 23 hours of 23 hours a day. The reproduction of the problem is just a matter of time.

So who needs insoles?

  1. Children: Children are easy to develop during bone development. Due to wrong habits, the structure of the foot structure causes legs, that is, X -type leg O legs. Academic shows that 90%of children can return to the correct posture and state after receiving the insoles early.
  2. Old man: With the growth of age, the muscles of the feet are atrophic, the arch of the foot, the pain of the foot, the pain of the foot, the bone spurs may come to make fun, restricted the elderly’s actions, and greatly reduce the quality of life. The insoles can be solved to a large extent.
  3. Diabetic people: The feet of diabetic patients are very sensitive and are easy to ulcerate and inflammation. Therefore, the insoles of people with diabetic patients need special customization to ensure that the pressure of the entire foot is evenly distributed and reduced the possibility of inflammation.
  4. Women who love beauty: The unbalanced body is easy to cause a series of problems such as leg shape, thick leg muscles, pelvic leaning forward and small belly.
  5. Office workers: Wearing high -heeled shoes for a long time, sitting in the desk for a long time, can easily cause the wrong body. The wrong body not only affects the aesthetics, but also causes the burden on the back.
  6. Exercise injury: Today, the movement of sports is not uncommon. Running out of the running knee. Ligue damage, etc., affects subsequent exercise. Insoles can help avoid the emergence of exercise injuries, improve the stability of the joints, and help recover after injury.
  7. Those who are pursuing sports: NBA stars, tennis players, etc. who are pursuing sports performance also need to insoles. Dynamic stability during exercise is very important, and correct force transmission will largely affect the performance of the movement. The insoles can help athletes maintain the best physical balance and make a timely response in a timely manner.


  1. Patients with foot diseases: Some congenital foot defects can only rely on insoles to correct, or delay the development of the disease, such as thumb deduction, long legs, congenital flat feet, etc.

International studies have shown that 80%of physical discomforts are caused by foot problems. After tracking the insole user wearing the insole, the tracking survey found that all problems can be greatly improved and relieved after using the insole.

Everyone’s demand for insoles is different. For example, a 9 -year -old child needs to correct the bow of the arch and eight, and the 30 -year -old office workers who have been commuting every day. The insoles that are suitable for them must be different. Children need strict correction to prevent the leg shape from forming irreparable deformation. The commute office workers need to be corrected to ensure certain comfort. Choose and customize the most suitable insoles, 100%meet your needs for the product.


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