The Ideastep EVA Orthotics are customizable insoles designed to provide enhanced support and comfort for your feet. Through a heat molding process, these orthotics can be tailored to fit the unique contours of your feet, ensuring a perfect fit inside your shoes. They are ideal for correcting foot alignment, relieving pressure points, and improving overall foot health. Whether you’re an athlete looking for performance support or someone seeking relief from foot pain, the Ideastep EVA Orthotics offer a personalized solution to meet your needs.


Before heating, attach any additions to the forefoot or rearfoot area of the orthotic.

Using an Ideastep Heat Gun, warm up the orthotic by holding it at its far edge and aiming the heat gun 15cm away from the bottom surface. Heat it for 10-15 seconds. The words ‘left’ and ‘right’ on the orthotic will serve as indicators; when they start to melt and flatten, it means the orthotic has been sufficiently heated. Avoid overheating.

Place the heated orthotic inside the patient’s shoe. The patient should wear both orthotics and shoes during the moulding process to ensure a proper fit.、


With the patient standing and distributing their weight evenly, position their foot in the Subtalar Neutral Position. Then, use your palm to press into the medial arch and heel area for 30-40 seconds, shaping the orthotic to the patient’s foot arch.

While still maintaining the neutral position of the foot, have the patient sit down. Then, remove the moulded orthotic from the shoe, let it cool for 1-2 minutes, and put it back into the shoe.

Repeat the moulding process for the other foot.

After heat moulding, attach any additional elements like heel lifts, metatarsal domes, medial arch infills, flanges, or inversion/eversion ramps as needed.


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