How Custom Orthotics Aid in the Treatment of Chronic Knee Pain


It might be really frustrating to find a solution to your chronic knee discomfort.


Nothing happens in isolation with the lower body, as it does with most other issues. Your knees, legs, ankles, and feet are all linked, and it’s amazing how quickly a problem in one place may spread throughout your body. This interconnectivity might make diagnosing the underlying reason of your knee discomfort extremely complex.


Some problems, such as knee osteoarthritis, start in the knee, while others start elsewhere but cause symptoms that affect the knee’s joints, tendons, and ligaments. Today, we’ll look at how doctors, chiropractors, and podiatrists employ custom orthotics and other treatments to help patients with chronic knee pain.


How to Get Rid of Knee Pain

Many people who have chronic knee pain make the mistake of trying to live with their pain for too long before seeking medical help. Knee discomfort is most commonly caused by overuse or a sudden injury such as a torn ligament, dislocation, or joint fracture.


Patients with bursitis, tendinitis, or knee osteoarthritis may not realize how serious their condition has gotten until substantial harm has been done because the discomfort of overuse injuries worsens with time.


Your doctor will ask you to describe the pain, when it began, and whether it improves or worsens with various activities during your first visit. They can discover the reason of your knee discomfort using this information, as well as other diagnostic techniques such as x-rays.


Knee Pain Treatments That Work

Once your doctor has figured out what’s causing your knee pain, he or she can devise a treatment plan that relieves pain while also treating the underlying cause or disease. Rest, cooling the affected area, over-the-counter NSAIDs, stretches, and even physical therapy are common therapeutic options. Custom orthotics are another important component of many treatment approaches.


Orthotics aren’t a cure-all for knee discomfort, but they can assist support injured knees and alleviate pain when walking or running.


How Custom Orthotics Can Help You Get Rid of Knee Pain

Doctors frequently recommend custom orthotics because they provide support and cushioning for sensitive knees. Running or even heavy walking can have a significant influence. If the foot isn’t cushioned, the weight is transferred to the knees.


If you have osteoarthritis in your knees, patellofemoral discomfort, or iliotibial band syndrome, custom orthotics may be beneficial.


Orthotics can also aid with gait and pronation difficulties, which are caused by out-of-place feet and ankles. Long-term, these gait and pronation irregularities can cause stress on places that aren’t built to handle it, leading to overuse problems that worsen over time.


Custom orthotics can provide support and stability where it’s needed most, guiding the foot back into alignment and cushioning regions where shock absorption is required.


Is it Possible for Orthotics to Make Knee Pain Worse?

Over the years, several doctors have discovered anecdotal evidence that utilizing orthotics made some patients’ knee discomfort worse. There are techniques to ease into orthotics gradually, which should help reduce any unfavorable reactions.


Instead of using orthotics all of the time, gradually incorporate them into your everyday routine over the course of a week. Start by wearing them for an hour the first day, then gradually increase the amount of time you spend with them.


It’s also crucial to keep in mind that orthotics are only one component of a comprehensive therapy strategy. They can’t completely repair knee problems on their own, so keep resting, ice, and stretching your knee, as well as doing everything else your doctor suggests.


A holistic treatment approach is the best method to employ custom orthotics to help relieve knee discomfort.


Custom Orthotics can help with ongoing knee problems.

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