How to choose a suitable pair of insoles?

There are so many kinds of insoles on the market, and in many cases, we don’t know what kind of insoles are suitable for us. We will inevitably pick some inappropriate insoles when choosing. In fact, it is not difficult to choose an insole. As long as you choose according to these three criteria, you can choose an insole that is comfortable and suitable for you. Let’s take a look.

1. Size

You have to choose the size according to your own situation. Generally, the size of the shoe will buy the size of the insole, but when choosing the insole, the size of the shoe and the foot should be considered. If the shoe itself is very fit and the insole will feel squeezed, if it is because of the shoes If you buy an insole that is too loose, it is very correct to choose an insole of the same size as the shoe. If the size of the insole and the shoe is inconsistent, especially when the insole is too large, you can trim the edge of the insole by comparing the size of the sole. Therefore, you can also choose an insole with a size line and trim the size according to your needs.

2. Material

In winter, velvet or hairy insoles are generally chosen. However, if the insole is too thick and the shoes are relatively fit, the feet may feel squeezed. If the sole itself is thicker, the insole can be slightly thinner, because the blood on the feet is not smooth in winter. It is not conducive to keeping warm, but a moderate amount of space in the shoes will make the feet warmer.

3. Function

If you are a person who is born with cold body, then you should choose warm cotton insoles, which are generally more warm and comfortable to wear. If you have sweaty feet, you should generally choose breathable and sweat-absorbent insoles. Prone to foot odor.

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