How to choose sports insoles?

How to choose sports insoles?

For a pair of sports insoles, the brand may not really be that important. What we should pay attention to is what “technology” it uses, especially in the professional field of sports protection, as long as these functional designs protect our feet Let’s follow the map, everyone can find a sports insole that suits them.

How important are sports insoles? If you often watch post-game tidbits like the NBA, you’ll find a detail that basketball players pull out the insoles when they give their boots to fans, because their sports insoles are tailored to each stage of the foot. If it is customized for the external situation, a fixed customization cycle is required. It is difficult for ordinary people to customize sports insoles, but we can decide according to our own parameters when choosing sports insoles. Next, I will explain to you all aspects of sports insoles.

The support function of the sports insole is mainly reflected in its support for the arch of the foot. Only when the arch of the foot is fully supported can the excessive stretching of the plantar fascia be reduced. At the same time, the sports insole also needs to increase the force-bearing area of the sole of the foot, so that the pressure on the forefoot and the heel is in a state of balance, and will not focus on one point for continuous pressure; for the foot, it also needs to be tightly packaged, so as to reduce the pressure caused by exercise. causing shaking and slipping.

Here we focus on the arch of the foot. The arch of the foot refers to the arch-like bone structure of the foot composed of ligaments, muscles, tendons, etc. It includes three arches, namely two longitudinal arches and one transverse arch. The arch of the foot not only acts as a cushion when walking and touches the ground, but once the arch sinks, it can no longer play this role, causing pain in the foot, Achilles tendon and even around the knee – which is why flat feet cannot The reason for the long journey.

The jumping action performed during sports is a high-risk area for injuries, such as playing basketball, badminton, tennis and other sports. When the jumping and falling actions are repeated, it is not only easy to cause damage to the knee, but also has a certain probability to cause a foot sting. (that is, ankle sprains), so the stability of the sports insole is also very important. Zanster’s sports insole can use its core stabilizing structure and flexible support to achieve heel support and arch support, which can effectively prevent or slow down: Achilles tendon soreness / symptomatic paranavicular injury / thumb valgus / plantar tendon Meningitis and other conditions can increase the cushioning effect when we are exercising, jumping, and after landing, and greatly reduce the damage to the feet and knees.

When exercising, it can be clearly felt that the cushioning elasticity of the insole is better, so there is a certain “assistance” when running, which makes people want to run fast. On the premise that the arch of the foot is supported, the running is also lighter. During the running process, the heel part has a wrapping feeling, and it is not easy to slip.

Summary: A good sports insole will not only make your upper feet feel amazing, but also greatly avoid foot injuries.



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