Jogging socks, basketball socks, bike socks that emphasize function. are all kinds of socks, are they worth buying? How to choose?

There are colorful designs of sports shoes on the request, similar to jogging shoes, basketball shoes, football shoes, bowling shoes, barefoot shoes. all kinds of sports can find their shoes, and this conception has also begun to extend to the socks request.

In the moment’s decreasingly prosperous sports atmosphere, numerous manufacturers have begun to smell business openings and have established brands to specialize in the sports socks request, ranging from jogging socks, basketball socks, mountaineering socks to bike socks. What’s the difference between wearing similar socks? How to choose?

How to choose a suitable brace of sports socks?

▼ Choose the first heavy material of sports socks.
“I want to confirm whether the socks absorb water, and see if the water drops will be smelled in or left on the face.”

Bases sweat fluently during exercise. However, the bases will come sticky and uncomfortable, If the socks don’t absorb sweat. As a result, the socks will come dry, but the bases are wet and ripe. They come the stylish parentage ground for bacteria. Luo Liqing refocused out that we want to keep our bases dry. The choice of material becomes veritably important. Humidity immersion and perspiration are the crucial points. It would be better if you can take into account the antibacterial parcels.

Accouterments with good hygroscopicity are like cotton and haw; while synthetic filaments like nylon and polyester have poor hygroscopicity, but their advantage is that they aren’t easy to breed bacteria, and they can be designed for functional purposes, similar as drawing the yarn into a cross Or Y- shaped sampling to promote perspiration, add bamboo watercolor, tableware fiber, and other antibacterial accouterments, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, it’s recommended that the stylish rate of cotton to synthetic fiber is about 60-70, 30-40, which can absorb sweat, but also take into account antibacterial and perspiration.

▼ The alternate focus of choosing sports socks is function.

When running with ordinary socks, the pressure peak is concentrated on the heel. After wearing functional socks that strengthen the reverse heel, forefoot, and sole side shock absorbers, the pressure is unevenly distributed to these three corridors, which significantly reduces the impact of the heel.

This is the function of sports socks. Xiang Ziyuan refocused out that sports socks can be designed to cover, support, wear, and breathe according to different sports patterns. Through these detailed considerations, sports can be more advanced. Safety and comfort, the crucial points to consider when choosing different sports socks.

1. Multifunctional sports socks
Still, sometimes walks, jogs, If you don’t have specific sports preferences.

2. Jogging socks
The design of jogging socks is analogous to the multifunctional sports socks, but it also strengthens the support of the sole of the bottom to disperse the pressure of the impact of the sole and also increases the wear resistance of the pooching part of the instep bone to make running more comfortable.

3. basketball socks
There are numerous moments of jumping, unforeseen stops, and fast handling in basketball. It relies heavily on the first metatarsal (the thick pad under the thumb of the forefoot) to rotate and stop, so the forefoot, especially the first metatarsal position Shock immersion and wear resistance are particularly important. In addition, these movements are easy to sprain the ankle joint. Thus, the support of the ankle joint and Achilles tendon is also the key. It’s necessary to strengthen the restraint and limit the common movement.

4. hiking socks
Mountain climbing requires a lot of walking, and it’s veritably important to wear the soles of the feet. However, you can add layers of socks to reduce disunion, If the socks aren’t wear-resistant enough. High mountains are also bothered about the loss of temperature. The warm function is essential. This is why numerous hiking socks announce that they use warmth. Hair; some professional trampers wear socks for one or two days, so buying accouterments with enhanced antibacterial function can also make the climbing process more comfortable.

5. bike socks
. Cycling is one of the many sports that doesn’t touch the ground and has no direct impact, so the shock absorber function isn’t the focus of emphasis. It needs the support of the bow, ankle joint, and Achilles tendon. In addition, it relies heavily on bottom pedaling. It’s frequently necessary to be outdoors in the sun and rain, so breathability and quick-drying are important to make the riding process more comfortable.

The below are several common sports socks, but the utmost of the sports that touch the ground can grasp the introductory principles of multifunctional sports socks, and also strengthen them according to the corridor that is prone to impact.

For illustration, golfing uses a lot of first metatarsal gyration, so the wear resistance of the first metatarsal position is veritably important; playing tennis requires constant movement from side to side, so the protection of the side of the bottom is particularly important. Volleyball and badminton frequently jump and run, so avoid ankle impact The design becomes critical. As for baseballs and softballs, because they need to slide, the protection of the pins is indispensable., and so on.

Socks are just an accessible bracket, not only for specific sports, you can grasp these principles, and also choose according to your habits. For illustration, people who have sprained ankles can generally choose basketball socks and impact socks that are particularly good for ankle common protection; people who want to reduce joint pressure can often wear socks that emphasize shock absorption, such as jogging socks and basketball socks; People can buy socks that strengthen the arch support…such as bicycle socks to avoid further injury.

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However, professional sports socks are relatively expensive because of their special functional design. If you have no budget at all, at least choose socks with a higher cotton content and a thicker bottom loop when exercising, which can make the exercise more comfortable.

As for the cleaning of sports socks, it is recommended to add a little bleach or dishwashing liquid to strengthen the sterilization, but of course, the best fungicide is to bask in the sun.
When drying the socks, try to clamp the elastic band on the toe of the sock, to prevent the detergent from being deposited on the elastic band for a long time and destroy the elasticity.

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