Are the running shoes good, please take out the insole and have a look

Are the running shoes good, please take out the insole and have a look

The good-looking skins are the same, and the interesting souls are one in a million. In this sentence, “running shoes” couldn’t be more appropriate. The shoes are getting more and more fancy, but the comfort is not improved.

If the shoes are good, take out the insole and have a look.

Boxers’ weapons are gloves, fencers’ weapons are sharp swords, marathoners’ weapons are undoubtedly running shoes, and a good pair of running shoes requires a good pair of insoles.

Why do you say that? Because the insole can best reflect whether a brand designer is attentive, comfortable shoes can not only be reflected by the good sole shock absorption, but also the good upper material. Without the finishing touch of the insole, comfort cannot be easily talked about.

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1. It has a sense of wrapping and shock absorption


A good insole has an appearance feature, that is, it does not look “flat”, but has a curvature, which is more consistent with the sole line of the human foot. So put on such shoes, the arch of the foot feels a little supportive, rather than hollow. In addition, it has a side on its circle, which can “wrap” the sole of the foot.

Another important point is that in addition to the shock absorption design of the sole, this insole also has a shock absorption function. Usually the thickness of the entire insole is different. It will be set to a different thickness according to the force. Shock performance, so comfort is very high.

2. Anti-slip design

Don’t think that the texture under the insole is for decoration, it would be a big mistake.

In fact, there are textures at the corresponding places under the insole, which are just convex and concave. When the insole is placed in the shoe, the texture corresponds to the texture inside the shoe, and the insole is firmly attached to the shoe. When running, the insole will not easily slide to change positions, and even run out of the embarrassment of the shoes.

Therefore, such shoes have strong stability, especially for junior runners, which can avoid sports injuries and fatigue.

3. Air permeability

The breathability of a good shoe is from the inside out. In addition to the mesh material, which has better ventilation and breathability, there is also the insole. You see, this insole is full of small holes. This design not only reduces the weight of the insole, but also increases air permeability.

Without these small holes, the socks will get wet when your feet are sweating because there is no place for the sweat to evaporate, but with these small holes, the flow of sweat will increase more or less, and the soles of the feet will become dry.



Regarding the quality of running shoes, in addition to the price and the sole rubber mentioned before, there is another reference standard that is the insole. The rubber sole is not necessarily the best, but the insole is not bad in other aspects. So when buying running shoes, first pull out the insoles to see if they are flat or “shaped”!


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