THE SUMMER IS THE TIME WHEN FEET GET THEIR DAY IN THE SUN. Treat your trotters to some frequent TLC because they’re a portion of the body that gets put through its paces – literally…

FOOTCARE PRINCIPLES: Taking care of one’s feet on a regular basis can help maintain this crucial part of the body healthy in the long run, perhaps averting complications such as painful calluses and even ulcers, which are a particular worry for diabetics.


“If you don’t keep it in check, hard skin can form on the portions of your foot where there’s a lot of pressure, like where your shoes or socks rub,” explains Joanne Carey, a pharmacist and skin health specialist.


“When a thick layer of hard skin forms, the skin beneath it is put under higher strain, causing tissue injury.”


“This pressure can eventually cause a wound to form behind the hard skin, which is why it’s critical to avoid hard skin formation in the first place.”


Bunions are a bone malformation of the big toe joint that is far more than just a callous or hard, bulging skin. They’re not only unattractive, but they can also be uncomfortable and impair walking.


“While bunions can be inherited and run in families, they are frequently caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes that place a pressure on the bones and muscles in your feet,” explains sports and fitness expert Dr. Pippa Bennett.


Mild bunions may not require treatment, but wearing the proper footwear can help. If your bunion is causing you pain, bunion pads and orthotics can help, but in more severe situations, surgery may be required.


FUNGAL NAIL INFECTION: Fungal nail infections are characterized by thick, discolored nails. While they rarely cause major concerns, they can be ugly and inconvenient, as well as painful.


“Fungal nail infections commonly arise after an injury to the nail or the skin around the nail, or after an episode of athlete’s foot,” Joanne Carey adds.


“In moderate cases, treatment isn’t necessarily required; the infection may just fade away over time – although, the illness may spread to adjacent nails.”



Antifungal nail paints are available in pharmacies, and your doctor may prescribe antifungal tablets in extreme cases.


Carey also suggests keeping your feet clean, avoiding sweaty footwear, and keeping your nails short. “To avoid spreading infection, carefully discard clippings,” she advises.


PAINFUL FEET: “Plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of tissue under your heel, is one of the most frequent causes of foot discomfort.


“Being on your feet for lengthy periods of time, especially if you’re not used to it, wearing shoes with poor support, or being overweight and thus placing more strain on your heel,” adds Dr. Bennett.


“Morton’s neuroma, which is a swelling of a nerve in the foot that causes pain on the base of the toes or the ball of the foot, is another prevalent type of pain.


“Again, ill-fitting shoes are a factor, but other foot issues, such as bunions, are thought to play a role.”


Consider whether you can address the source of the discomfort first – if you must spend extended periods of time on your feet, make sure you take regular breaks and wear appropriate footwear.

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