before did not think the child’s foot is abnormal, until the child always shout pain recently, a road will also have this kind of phenomenon. Because of serious flat feet was already suspected. Later school of medical support of my idea. Presumably every parents know the child’s foot and to children, the in the mind is nervous. Because of the foot, may affect the health of their children’s lives. In order to reduce the effects of foot problems, I think we should take children to look professional institutions.

shoes foot health and sports medicine institute of fudan university research center, experts say, at present the treatment of flat feet mainly includes two aspects: surgery and nonoperative treatment, including non-surgical treatment is common way is to rely on a variety of foot orthoses and correct insoles. But to choose what kind of guard against, it is suggested that listen to professional advice. Because before seen some parents share, finally choose to take him to the correct shoes and custom insoles center.

fortunately, children at this age found these problems, or can correct shoe insoles to correct and correct. Of course correction is the premise of first correct judgment is not suitable for children shoes, and correction science to customize a pair of insoles. Here some to tell mom and dad, children actually in the process of growth will appear more or less flat feet and hind eversion phenomenon, especially children under the age of 4, this kind of phenomenon is more common. Because the baby is covered with fat before the age of four, at this time, will not necessarily appear arches, only when the foot fat gradually absorbed, foot GongCai will gradually appear. After growing up, mom and dad will take more attention, in a timely manner to correct some mistakes walk. sleeping position, in the process of foot fully formed, there will be flat feet, foot evaginate, after eight, mom and dad is the most important is make timely correction and remind. But if the children often walk shout pain in front of you, for a cuddle, you need to order, out of might be a child to send signals to you, to bring the child to see the professional institutions.

get back to business, if discover the child is a serious flat feet, or severe after sufficient evaginate, will be under the guidance of professional bodies customize corrective orthotic insole manufacturers. This will be a little bit when it comes to, corrective insoles need to customize, suitable for children is not easy to buy. Because the child’s foot problems, there may be multiple small problems, such as flat feet may have after sufficient evaginate, high arches will be accompanied by some within eight words, etc. Determine which requires large equipment, precise outline of foot, and then according to the actuality of the foot and parameters, to give the most appropriate corrective insoles.

of course correction with science, mom and dad can’t slack off, need to have more physical exercise and massage, the stretching exercise including bounce, promote the foot muscle elastic recovery. Children exercise at the same time also want to give them massage appropriately, so as to promote the feet quickly returned to normal.

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