Prevent diabetic foot, start with a pair of orthopedic insoles and healthy shoes

Everyone is familiar with diabetes. Because of its high incidence, it is also known as the “three major killers” with coronary heart disease and tumors. The reason why diabetes is called a killer is that it has many complications and severe condition, which will have a serious impact on the quality of life of patients. Among them, diabetic foot is a more serious complication. If it is not handled well, even amputation is required.

What is diabetic foot?

Diabetic feet are due to continuous hyperglycemia or repeated blood sugar fluctuations, causing blood vessels and neuropathy, and the skin will gradually lose feel; if a wound or ulcer occurs, infection and gangrene are prone to occur, and it is difficult to cure. This is one of the most common complications of diabetic patients, and it is also an important reason for the death and disability of diabetes.

What should I do with diabetic foot?

After the occurrence of diabetes, the most important task is still the level of blood glucose.

gangrene or even amputation.

At present, there are very few special shoes for diabetic feet on the market, and the orthopedic insoles are too professional. It is usually difficult to contact and understand. Faced with their own feet, many “sugar friends” are weak: Although they want to protect the feet, they suffer from the lack of knowledge, and I don’t know where to start.

How to choose the right insole?

First of all, the foot perception of the diabetic people is relatively dull. The fabric of the insole must be composed of low friction and soft material, which can avoid the wound of blisters due to friction to the greatest extent.

Secondly, it is necessary to have a metatarsal ball support and arch support design. The arch of the human body is divided into horizontal bow and longitudinal bow. On the market, the insoles supported by longitudinal bows are not a small number of insoles, and they often lack support for horizontal bows.

The horizontal bow is just at the metatarsal ball, with a metatarsal ball support design, which can be supported to the horizontal bow. In traditional Chinese medicine, the plane ball position is also called: Yongquan. Long -term effective stimulation of Yongquan acupoints can improve the vitality of the foot.

Diabetic patients or customers with high blood sugar have not yet trauma or deformities in their feet, or if they have suffered deformities, they should choose diabetic orthopedic insoles to avoid the occurrence of foot ulcers in advance.

Using some functional orthopedic insoles and healthy shoes with some functional orthopedic insoles and healthy shoes that meet the foot states and can be very scattered. For patients who have undergone a small amputation surgery, they also need to make some filled healthy shoes for the residual function of the affected foot.

A pair of personalized orthopedic insoles

Most foot deformities are caused by long -term bad gait. As long as diabetic patients have abnormal feet, they should choose a suitable orthopedic insole to balance the bottom pressure, correct the gait, and delay the progress of foot disease.

There are currently three orthopedic insoles: hot -plastic insoles, EVA finished insoles, 3D printing insoles.

Among them, 3D printing insoles allow patients to quickly get the right insole, that is, using the emerging 3D printer to “print” a pair of insoles that fully fit their feet, their own insoles.

Everyone should have heard 3D printers, that is, by printing a layer of adhesive material, the three -dimensional object that can be used in the end, rather than the graphics that can only print planes like traditional printers.

However, a pair of appropriate orthopedic insoles are not casually hit. Before the production, the orthopedician needs to perform pressure distribution testing the patient’s soles to judge the strong sole pressure according to different colors. Then design an individual orthopedic insole based on the patient’s own problems and finally make it.

In this way, individualized treatment can be performed for patients’ own unique problems. Patients use the orthopedic insoles that are most suitable for their feet, and the effects of decompression orthopedic and prevention and treatment are also the best.

The principle of arch orthopedics is actually using an appliance, adjusting the gravity line, making the body balance, rearrassing the sole pressure, absorbing vibration, and finally achieving the purpose of correction and pain to relieve pain.

In addition, it is necessary to point out that for patients who have undergone amputation, it is also necessary to adapt to a pair of personalized health shoes. Because the foot after amputation is compared with healthy feet, the shape changes significantly, and some of the parts that can not be exposed to the inside of the shoes begin to contact the public shoes. These parts are worn and ulcers occur.

The key to the control of diabetes is to “hold your mouth and open your legs”. Diabetes patients know that they should move appropriately every day, but they often ignore the selection of orthopedic insoles and healthy shoes.

Many information show that the problem of ulcers in the foot of diabetic people is not necessarily inevitable or inevitable. On the contrary, the simple and relatively economical methods of orthopedic insoles and healthy shoes with arch support can reduce the number of amputated people by more than 85%.

A pair of seemingly simple orthopedic insoles and health shoes may play a key role in preventing the occurrence of diabetes. From now on, make a pair of orthopedic insoles and healthy shoes for your feet!



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