The troubles of low foot bow, it will solve

The troubles of low foot bow, it will solve:

Arching support insole

At present, mainstream research believes that when people are running, high feet and low -footed bows are prone to inside or outward when landing because of their physical strength. Ankle sprains, soles of the soles of the feet, fasciitis, and so on. Due to the lack of a certain arch height on the soles of the foot, it may cause the feet to turn and the tibial internal rotation, and the internal rotation of the tibia will further cause the knee to reverse, so a certain additional arch support is required; the normal arch is long distance. It will slowly collapse during the running process, and it also needs a certain arch of the arch; the high arch is relatively easy to encounter the pain in the heel, the soles of the foot fascia, the unstable outward of the ankle joint, etc., and also requires a certain arch of the arch.

The IDEASTEP protective insole can correct the body force line, balance the bottom pressure, provide protection and support for the arch of the arch, and also provide a certain shock absorption function.


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