Preventing diabetic foot- “foot” is enough, starting from “shoes”

Diabetic foot

Director’s tip: About 33%~ 82%of diabetic patients wear shoes with inappropriate size, and 35%to 54%of foot ulcers are caused by shoe. At present, there are many diabetic shoes on the market. Which diabetic shoes are more suitable for you and the method of choosing diabetic shoes. Now let’s talk about:

01 Classification of diabetic shoes

At present, diabetic shoes are mainly classified according to their functional classifications: decompression shoes, vibration shoes, antibacterial shoes, smart shoes, and so on.

We generally understand the role of each type of shoes. For example, in terms of decompression shoes, it is mainly through the improvement of the performance of the soles and insoles to reduce the sole pressure and achieve the purpose of decompression. At present, the internationally recognized diabetic shoes decompression standards are more than 30%of the pressure of the sole surface, of which the insole’s decompression effect accounts for 60%, and the decompression effect of the sole accounts for 40%.

There are pre -made finished products on the market, and you can wear it directly. In general, the decompression effect is not ideal, low cost, and cheap; sometimes the effect of decompression is not harmful to the feet, just like our previous old white.

There is also a professional custom decompression shoe. This kind of shoe requires patients to go to special institutions or hospitals. First of all, data measurement and foot pressure measurement, etc., and then based on these data, through professional drawing (gypsum modeling, CAD computer drawing, 3D printing, etc. Technical), can finally get finished shoes.

And this kind of shoe has good decompression effect, high cost, and expensive price; but in actual life, it can play a true decompression effect.

The vibration shoes are mainly used to improve the diabetic foot neuropathy by using a reasonable vibration frequency, so that the patient’s foot recovery feeling. Antibacterial shoes are used to reduce the chance of foot infection through local antibacterial effects.

Smart shoes are a direction for the development of diabetic shoes in the future. It collects real -time data (bottom pressure, temperature, stride, gait) of the foot through wearing intelligent shoes, and transmits it to orthopedic shoes company through the network Or the hospital’s platform, and then the doctor intervention.

02 How to choose a pair of diabetic shoes that are suitable for you

How to choose a variety of diabetic shoes for different types of diabetes? You can choose the diabetic shoes that are suitable for you according to the following 8 o’clock.

鞋1. Level: The inner length of the shoe should be 1-2 cm long than from the heel to the long toe.

  1. Width: Width should be equal to the widest part of the feet.

鞋3. Height: The height of the shoes can be low or high. Choose according to the specific dress.

  1. Insoles: Insoles can be prefabricated, adjusted or customized. The main function is to re -assign the bottom pressure. It should be used to use shock absorption, soft but elastic non -slip material.
  2. Sole: rubber, plastic and leather can be used for soles, but the rubber outsole is considered better. The outsole can be soft, tough or hard. But shoes should not be softer than feet.
  3. Heels: The heels are generally 1.5-2 cm, and should not exceed 3 cm.
  4. Upper: The upper should be made of leather or mixed materials (similar to sneakers), which can be breathable, durable, soft, tough, or hard.
  5. Shoe box: It can protect the toe that requires soft materials and adapt to the shape of the toes to avoid any friction toes.

Finally, suggestions on wearing shoes with diabetic patients:

All people with a risk of ulcers are advised to wear shoes of diabetic patients to protect and adapt to the shape of their feet; wearing socks to avoid barefoot wearing shoes; check the designated shoes every three months.


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