4 – 13 years old children is not setting foot development, thus will appear all sorts of more or less full of problems. For serious flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, high arches of the foot, the correct shoes intervention and correction is a better way. But because each person’s foot degree is different, so you need to targeted solutions. Corrective custom orthopedic insoles also need to customize, match with the correct method of use, can have the effect of get twice the result with half the effort.

how to customize a pair of corrective insoles? Many places will only simple evaluation according to a foot scanner foot deformity, but this approach is flawed. Because of foot deformity in a foot, only not just at the same time with severe deformity foot, ankle and back. Professional agencies, therefore, take children to order corrective insoles, staff in addition to scanning a foot deformity children outside, still can use 3 d infrared foot foot type scanner measurement data, the outline of foot deformity, and on this basis to correct custom insoles modeling. In addition to the machine, of course, also need to have professional support, according to the different foot conditions to choose the appropriate x/y/z/w/v insoles, to ensure the accuracy of each pair of corrective insoles.

corrective shoe insoles and custom correction center has been committed to for severe flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, high arches provide solutions such as teenagers. Relying on more than 10 years accumulated large data, correct shoe insoles and custom correction center for rehabilitation of 2018 year China innovation award for the best brand of ‘industry-university-institute’ cooperation, in the field of correct shoe insoles and correction for the position of authority. In terms of correct custom insoles, correct shoe insoles and custom correction center integrated with artificial detection data, configuration suitable x/y/z/w/v insole or customized insole.

on the correct shoes design, presents three characteristics. A is followed by a cup of special design, by extending the heel cup, hardened, heightening; 2 it is double density design of sole, sole hard outside soft inside, the inside of the high density support; Three is the correct custom orthopedic insoles design, according to the degree of flat foot, foot soft tissue thickness gives the most close to the required volume and orthodontic force, design with different slope, the range of heel arch retainer, followed by a nest of 6 kinds of insoles, can choose according to different foot, thus true customization for patients.

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