it is well known that the development process of the child’s foot is a dynamic process, in the process of development, the hard to avoid can appear all sorts of problems. Some of them are reversible, and some of the processes is not good, a little will become irreversible. State general administration of sports, a former director of the institute of sports medicine and sports medicine branch of China sports science institute, director of the committee member li gp believe that parents should pay attention to the following signals: a child to walk often said foot tired, walk shout pain, knee pain, waist pain even happen; While standing inside parapodum bow appeared the phenomenon such as sunken, consider the early intervention. Which, if a child under 12 years of age, and found the child in the leg muscle strength is insufficient, when walking knee cannot unbend, especially after sufficient evaginate, X leg, can consider to use the foot orthopedic shoes help straighten up children walk the knee joint.

to understand foot orthopedic shoes how to intervene children the above problems, from the principle. Foot orthopedic shoes in the design, can increase the ground reflection power control device, and ankle joint package design. The former by foot 90 degrees of neutral position control of ankle joint, knee to help children control, reduce walking knee, knee hyperextension and other problems. In addition, the ankle joint package design through the extension of hardened on both sides fixtures, will foot the whole package, thereby increasing the stability and control.

in addition to foot supporting orthopedic shoes, corrective custom orthopedic insoles also need to match. Followed by locking corrective custom orthopedic insoles series, can according to the degree of flat foot, foot soft tissue thickness gives the most close to the required volume and orthodontic force, design with different slope, the range of heel arch retainer, followed by a nest of 6 kinds of custom orthopedic insoles, can the centralizer ankle, adjusting force line of lower limbs.

of course, in buying when orthopedic shoes and corrective insoles, professional agencies need to measure the child’s foot, on the advice of the foot division correction to purchase the corresponding products. Ankle orthopaedic centre have professional equipment and senior professionals, when check with correct product to the child’s foot 3 d scanning, gait tracking and other professional assessment, and comprehensive consideration of physical development situation, such as height and weight to give professional buying advice.

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