As the standard configuration of running shoes, the insole is neither plugged in like a charger of a digital product nor can it be seen and touched every day like a computer mouse, so it will be ignored by everyone.

But as the foot that accompanies you throughout your life, the importance of the insole is real, and it greatly affects the feel of your feet when you run. Most of the insoles we usually see are only suitable for walking and not suitable for running.
There are two reasons: the first is that it does not fit the foot shape and only meets the size, and the second is that it does not match the shoe shape. If you run with insoles like this one, you’re likely to see the insoles creeping out of your shoes.

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Features that running insoles should have:
1) The size is right. Buy it back and modify it yourself. To a certain extent, it can be considered that there is no specificity in needing to modify the size.
2) Fit the foot shape. There are different designs for different positions of the feet.
3) Good air permeability. Walking on water is not fun, let alone running.
4) There is a certain amount of friction. Avoid slipping your feet in the shoes and reduce the possibility of sports injuries.
5) It has a certain buffering property. Although the insole is very thin, it can still play a certain role in cushioning and improving the foot feel. This is related to the density and thickness of the insole material.

How to choose running insoles?
Source classification from insoles:
1) Original insole: The original insole is not necessarily the best, but it must be the most suitable for the pair of shoes, and you who bought the shoes liked the feel of the shoes the most, so the original insole is your favorite. Second choice.
2) Running shoe insoles of other brands: Since different manufacturers have different understandings of their running shoes, the manufacturing process and materials are different.
3) Third-party general-purpose insoles: Many sports brands have self-designed running insoles, and their design capabilities should not be underestimated.

running insole

In terms of material, there are three common ones:
A. Silicone material:
The appearance of the insole of this material is a bit like the Gel glue of running shoes. The first foot feel is soft and has good cushioning, but after wearing it for a long time, you will find that the cushioning lacks a solid feeling. The most important thing is that this insole has almost no breathability. , is not suitable for running.
B.Ortholite Material:
Most of the running insoles searched on Taobao will be marked with this material. The encyclopedia explanation about Ortholite is: “It has the characteristics of breathability, sweat absorption, deodorization, mildew resistance, antibacterial, good cushioning, and is more breathable than environmentally friendly high-polymer cotton. Good, lighter, washable, and more wear-resistant.”
Netizen comments: It seems to be very high-tech, but it is not so magical, but its characteristics are easy to use and very cheap.
C. Multi-material splicing:
There is also a running insole that emphasizes functionality. The main feature is the use of multi-material splicing. For example, the arch of the foot has plastic reinforced support, and the heel or forefoot has embedded cushioning materials, etc. The manufacturing process of this type of insole is relatively complicated. It will also weigh a bit more and the price will be a lot higher.

Having said all that, how do you choose?
The following are the most cost-effective functional insoles recommended by smart running:
Functional insole

running insole

Carbon fiber composite material provides strong support for the arch of the foot;
Gel design on the heel, shock absorption, and comfort;
Foam material, lightweight and antibacterial;
Microfiber cloth, wear-resistant and breathable;
Helps to improve symptoms of knee, pelvis, spine, shoulder, and neck skew caused by poor posture, and relieve foot fatigue.

3 days return 30 days replacement

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