The pain that cannot be walked, the ankle pain!

Ankle pain is something that many people have encountered, and it is very common in life, so many people do not attach great importance to it. So what is the cause of ankle pain in normal times?

Ankle sprains

The ankle sprains are the most important cause of ankle pain. Many people sprain the ankle during exercise, because they do not pay attention or other reasons. After the ankle sprains, it is usually accompanied by a certain pain. At this time, if it cannot be treated in a timely manner, it will cause the ankle swelling, or the ankle is unstable. , Affect life. Of course, the cause of ankle pain also has the causes of gout and rheumatism, which can be confirmed by endocrine examination. Today, focusing on how the ankle pain during exercise can be solved.

In order to solve this arthritis, the ankle joint stability should be performed from mechanics to reduce wear and pain during exercise.

HBHH-001 high-performance ankle stabilizer cover

Provide stability of the ankle and outer ankle, increase the ankle balance, and avoid falling or sprained to reduce the swelling of the ankle. The design concept is to improve the performance of the movement, coupled with professional partition pressure design and full series of products, which are currently marketing all over the world.

Innovative design combined with muscle effects, the effect of muscle effect

Make up the problem that it often needs to be replaced and gives good support to the foot. Use a low -allergic gel stabilization system with a high resistance stable area to give a fixed effect to the foot to help the foot joint stability.

Ankle stable area

Use high resistance weaving technology to strengthen the fixing on both sides of the ankle to replace the traditional plastic or metal splint, and give a strong pressure and comfortable stability.

Soft and elastic, moisture -absorbing and sweating materials, wearing it in your socks, give additional support and stability, use it during walking and exercise, give additional protection to avoid injuries. Suitable for easy ankle sprains, uncomfortable feet, feel unstable when walking, and people who have no power to fall when they walk.

3 days return 30 days replacement

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