We are familiar with diabetes, because of its high incidence, so with coronary heart disease, tumor and called the human “three killers”. Diabetes is called a killer because it has many complications and a serious illness, which can have a serious impact on the quality of life of patients. Among them, diabetic foot is a more serious complication, if handle is not good, need amputation even. What is the diabetic foot? Diabetic foot, is due to continuous high blood sugar or repeated blood sugar fluctuations, causing blood vessels and neuropathy, the skin will gradually lose feeling; if the wound or ulcer, it is easy to occur infection and gangrene, it is difficult to cure. This is one of the most common complications in patients with diabetes, but also an important cause of death and disability of diabetes. How should diabetic foot do? After diabetic foot occurs, the most important task is still to control blood glucose levels.

But the small details of life are also worth noting, and diabetic orthopedic insoles are also critical for people with diabetic foot: For people with diabetes, the long-term extrusion and rubbing of the feet by unsuitable shoes may cause skin damage to the sole or back of the foot, leading to infection, gangrene or even amputation. Now there are few special shoes for diabetic foot, orthopedic insoles are too professional, it is difficult to contact and understand. In the face of their own feet, many “sugar friends” are powerless: although they want to do something to protect the feet well, but suffering from the lack of knowledge, I do not know where to start. How to choose the right insole? First of all, the foot perception of diabetic people is relatively blunt, and the cloth of the insole must be composed of low friction and soft material, which can avoid blisters caused by friction to the greatest extent. Secondly, the need to have a metatarsal bone ball support, foot arch support design. The foot arch of the human body is divided into horizontal bow and longitudinal bow, and there are many insoles for the vertical bow support on the market, often lacking the support for the horizontal bow. The horizontal arch also happens at the metatarsal osteosphere, metatarsal osteosupport design, just to support the transverse arch. In traditional Chinese medicine, the metataroid position is also known as: Yongquan point. Effective stimulation of Yongquan point for a long time, can improve the vitality of the foot. Diabetic patients or customers with hyperglycemia do not have foot trauma, or have occurred deformity, they should choose diabetic orthopedic insoles to avoid the occurrence of foot ulcers in advance. Using some functional orthopedic insoles and healthy shoes that fit the foot state and can disperse the foot sole pressure well can play a better preventive and protective role against the affected limbs. For patients cured after a small amputation, partially filled health shoes are also needed for the residual function of the affected foot.

Most of the foot deformities result from a long-term poor gait. As long as the foot is abnormal, diabetic patients should choose the appropriate orthopedic insoles, to balance the plantar pressure, and correct the gait, and delay the progression of podiatry. There are currently three types of orthopedic insoles: thermoplastic insoles, EVA finished insoles, and 3D printed insoles. The 3D-printed insoles allow patients to quickly get the right insoles, using a new 3D printer to “print” a pair of insoles that completely fit their own feet. 3D printers have already heard that by printing layers of adhesive materials, they eventually form 3 D objects that can be used, instead of printing flat graphs like traditional printers. But a pair of suitable orthopedic insoles is not casually played, before making, orthotics need to test the foot pressure distribution of patients, according to the different color judge foot pressure size, find out the most need to decompression area, and then according to the patient’s own problems to design individual orthopedic insoles, finally made. Only in this way can individual treatment be conducted according to their own unique problems. Patients use is the most suitable for their own foot type of orthopedic insoles, to achieve the effect of decompression and orthopedic, prevention and treatment combination is also the best. The principle of foot arch orthosis is actually to use the orthosis to adjust the foot center of gravity line, balance the body, redistribute the plantar pressure,





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