What kind of insoles can be called a good insole?

What is your insole?

In daily life, each of us must walk. This basic movement walks is very simple, but for most people, walking is not “difficult”.

However, how to walk more comfortably is actually a learning.

Our feet can support the entire body, especially the biomechanics of both lower limbs. With the support of the feet, we can play a role in maintaining a balance.

Looking at the pressure distribution of the soles of the foot, you can also know a person’s lower limb state and judge the force line.

And with the advancement of science and technology, we can further clarify each person’s gait through the new Yuan analysis method and some 3D scanning printing equipment, and then assist some diseases.

But even if we know some data, how can we actually operate to correct a person’s gait, or change his lower limbs?


In fact, many people have thought of: insoles.

Some people’s insoles may be just for comfort. In addition, in addition to sweat absorption and non -slip, some insoles can also correct the gait and treat some common diseases in clinical practice.

Is the insole so amazing?

First, orthopedic insoles.

As a shoe store, the most basic function is to make people comfortable.

The shoes are uncomfortable, but many times you just need to put a insole, and your feet are comfortable.

With the advancement of science and technology, we have more and more requirements for insoles. If we are just as a feet auxiliary tools, insoles also need to have many advanced functions.

For example, sweat absorption, non -slip, such as buffer, shock absorption, of course, it is even better if it can support or improve the function of the foot.

But does this insole really exist?

I may feel a little fantasy before, but now we have often used such insoles.

While correction, it helps improve the pressure distribution of the soles, while helping improve the biological lines of the lower limbs, making people more comfortable to walk, and slowly relieve posture problems through this kind of correction, and can treat some waist and back or even even Diseases of the lower limbs.

Seeing many people here will have doubts. Is a ordinary insole that really has a disease -cured function?

What disease can I cure?

Insoles can cure diseases, this is not a joke. A good pair of insoles can even treat a variety of diseases.

Normal foot soles are not flat, but form two “bows” like the dome, one longitudinal bow and one horizontal bow.

Don’t look at these two physiological structures mediocre, but in order to form this special structure, we have applied many bones, many ligaments, and have the support of the soles of the soles to help the support to make this special structure elastic.

However, due to many innate problems or the unwell wearing shoes, including the incorrect walking posture, it is easy to cause disorders of the sole structure. So it slowly forms formal abnormalities, causing muscle atrophy, and even chronic damage.

There is no doubt that these are all diseases that need to be corrected and treated.

  1. Flat foot.

If the structure we mentioned above becomes a plane, then the unique foot shape is lost. In fact, this is a feet deformity.

Many people have already understood that this is actually the legendary flat foot. The clinical manifestation is the collapse of the arch, and there is a manifestation of the width of the back foot. In the process of walking, the center of gravity often tends to the front.

When you walk in this way, you will feel that the impact is particularly strong, the function of buffer almost disappears, and the more you walk, the more tired.

However, if you can use the arch pad, it will improve the state of the soles, increase the inner contact area of ​​the foot, increase the area of ​​the outside, and help restore the normal function of the bottom.

  1. High bow foot.

Compared with flat feet, high bow foot. If the arch is higher than 14 ~ 18 mm, the area of ​​contact with the ground and the ground will decrease. This is actually a feet deformity.

When walking, due to the decrease in the bearing area, the pressure of the soles will increase accordingly, which is not only uncomfortable, but also causes chronic diseases.

To help insole to help calibrate, share stress, and reduce the discomfort of the soles.

  1. The ankle is unstable.

Have you sprained your ankle before? Do you feel unstable when walking?

The ankle is unstable is a very common disease. When the foot is followed, if the entire sole line is off -line, the position level of the soles will be much different. symmetry.

This is actually the manifestation of the ankle joint. When many people walk, the ankle is uncomfortable or even very easy to sprain, which may be caused by unstable ankle joints.

However, insoles can correct this state, especially some personalized custom insoles can help correct and improve the force line of the soles, make patients with unstable ankle joint walking more comfortable and improve gait performance.

  1. Fascitis.

Many people feel sole pain when walking. In fact, this is likely to be caused by soles of fasciitis, and the incidence in normal people is 10%.

And it is easy to find tender points in the heel, it hurts, but many insoles can improve this situation. After holding up the entire arch, helping the bottom fascia becomes relaxed. Biomechanical balance.

  1. Knee deformity.

If the knee joint is deformity, whether it is inside or out, the biomechanics of the lower limbs will change significantly.

And this change can cause many problems, such as knee osteoarthritis.

Even in the end, many doctors have not been distinguished by knee deformedness caused by knee colors, or knee osteoarthritis caused by knee arthritis.

Specifically, our so -called X -shaped legs and O -type legs are actually the manifestations of knee deformed.

If you can use the outer wedge -shaped insole or the inner wedge -shaped insole, you can help the soles change the stress force line according to local conditions, thereby avoiding some knee damage.


Is the insole really so important?

Indeed, when we do not pad the insoles, walking is really uncomfortable.

And with the advancement of technology, in addition to being comfortable, our insoles will provide some other functions, and even help correct the gait, making people more comfortable. In this process Ministry and knee disease.




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