Why is the foot pain before the meeting?

crisp fall season, a whim to a hiking, after come back feel foot pain before? Have the habit of wearing high heels for a long time, escalating the forefoot pain? Such a pain, don’t ignore.

this pain disease is very common, in the activity level is bigger, or foot suffered trauma, or make a habit of wearing high heels especially happens in young people group.

people suffer this kind of foot problems, great toe at the bottom of the pressure significantly greater than in the rest of the foot, and often there long cocoon. Press this area, there will be obvious pain, sometimes even a swelling. Although these cocoons can remove by pruning, but always soon grow out again, annoying.

a common foot problems is seed osteitis.

about seed osteitis, have to from the ‘sesamoid bone’. This ‘cheat’ sesamoid bone is actually like a pea-sized, located in the first plantar toe joint plantar surface. Although sesamoid bone looks very ordinary, but each sesamoid bear the weight of forefoot pressure one 6, to balance the pressure of the foot ball play an important role.

on the one hand, the seed bone is capable of absorbing walked to the foot of ground pressure, also can alleviate the friction between foot and ground, in the process of marching, running or sports, absorption and shoes for the impact of the front feet on the ground, so as to protect the foot tendons, muscles and bones.

on the other hand, the seed bone is located in the great toe of short tendon, like crown block, to help balance in the leverage of support and assist the calf, the plantar flexion limitation of stretching direction of the great toe.

as I mentioned earlier, sesamoid bone at the foot of the travel and sports play an important role in the process. However, once the exercise sudden increase, or exercise intensity in a short period of time, can easily make sesamoid bone under too much pressure and in a short time is difficult to bear the brunt of the great physiological load of exercise and high intensity, resulting in the lack of normal function, also cause the sesamoid bone parts have different degree of pain. Other causes include a fall accident harm, such as excessive buckling or plantar toe joint long-term wearing high heels, etc. , are likely to cause the seed osteitis.

from sesamoid bone inflammation causes, it is not difficult to infer the treatment and prevention methods. In general, seed osteitis with the method of conservative treatment.

in the first place, avoid sudden increase carry momentum, or increase the exercise intensity, and reduce the amount of walking, can directly help alleviate the symptoms of sesamoid bone infection. Through a special adhesive tape, can limit the spread of thumb as the fixed direction, prevent the excessive dorsiflexion, etc.

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