10 Foot Symptoms Not To Be Ignored (II)

3. bottom hemp

■ Symptoms

The leg will be numb after being held up for too long or squinching in the restroom for too long. The impassiveness will vanish after getting up and moving. This is”compressive neuritis”, but it may also be caused by the contraction of the lumbar long bone spur to the sciatic whim-whams and causing bottom impassiveness.

■ What did the doctor say
Anesthesia occurs constantly, and there may be complicated symptoms be

hind it. You mustn’t treat bottom impassiveness with”bloodlessness”. Bottom and ankle expert Zhu Jiahong in the book” Healthy Life, Starting from the Bases-The Bottom and Ankle Surgery Clinic of the Little Spectacles Croaker”It’s emphasized that bottom anesthesia can be roughly divided into two aspects blood vessels ( including diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and venous blockage) and jitters ( central and supplemental whim-whams diseases). The feeling of anesthesia is also different.

Hemp in different places represents different conditions

Still, discs become more severe, and there’s chinking and burning at the same time,

◎ If the impassiveness of the bases (toes. Still, the deep modes are likely blocked,

◎ If the sensation of swelling and pain in the bases is further than that of impassiveness. Still, the midriff, shanks,

◎ If it’s band-suchlike anesthesia.

“Anesthesia, not for too long, else not only whim-whams towel, but muscles, blood vessels, and other napkins will also suffer, “reminds physiotherapist Wang Ganong. One of his cases fell into the auto at night, his arm was pressed by the head all night, the coming morning, his hand was swollen three times as big, because the ischemia is too long, it’ll be necrotic after a long time, and it’s delicate to recover.

■ You can do this

To find the root cause of frequent bottom impassiveness, whether the shoes are too hard or too tight or stand for too long; which posture most constantly occurs bottom impassiveness, bend over, or leaning back. However, seek medical attention as soon as possible, If symptoms persist and come severe.

■ Further affiliated information

Still, and the bottom impassiveness only occurs after chemotherapy, Ye Zichen, If the bottom is numb for a long time without a history of diabetes. For illustration, anesthesia of the bases is generally manifested by anesthesia of the bases. It’s recommended to go to the neurology or recuperation department. However, pay attention to whether the reverse pain is caused by the degeneration of the lumbar chine If it’s the anesthesia of the single bottom. You can go to the orthopedics department.

4. Unfit to lift tiptoes

■ Symptoms

Unfit to lift the toes when climbing stairs or crossing the threshold, easy to fall, or sitting cross leg for too long, causing original acute peroneal whim-whams contraction, causing impassiveness on the outside of the shin, unfit to lift the soles of the bases, and unfit to toes Overhead, this is” dropped bottom pattern” ( also known across leg paralysis). People with mild symptoms frequently touch the ground with their forefoot or poke their bases on the ground while walking without knowing it, and they’re prone to tripping.

■ What did the doctor say?

As long as the central nervous system, supplemental jitters, or muscle napkins have any complaint, it may beget bottom drop.
Hole bottom is common in cases with stroke or supplemental whim-whams injury. There are numerous reasons, similar as neurological ( similar as knee trauma, lower aft pain, sciatic neuropathy, spinal cord injury, or motor neuron complaint), muscular ( similar as direct muscle or tendon injury), and Physiological ( similar as abnormal time convinced by tibialis anterior) lesions. In addition to surgical treatment, to maintain muscle pliantness, it’s also necessary to calculate assistive bias to keep the bases from hanging down, said Wang Ganong, a physical therapist at Wanfang Hospital.

High Arch Foot Causes and Classification

■ You can do this

To help original acute bottom drop symptoms, avoid holding up Erlang’s leg for too long. However, generally take steroid medicines, neuroprotective agents, If the opinion is verified to be bottom drop.

■ Further affiliated information

Chen Qixian, director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Wanfang Hospital, added that if it’s insolvable to stand on the slide, it may be related to jitters, muscles, or tendons. Hospital examination. Chen Qixian observed clinically that occasionally cases complained of lack of strength to stand on a slide. After examination, it was planted that the tendon was inflamed, but the case didn’t feel pain but showed weakness.

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