serious flatfoot children parents have this experience, that a child could shout pain a little walk far. So, for severe flatfoot children is not suitable for sport? Correction because the heel have different structure compared to children’s shoes, if wear corrective shoes, must be quietly waiting for the foot movement back to normal? It is the parents often easy to fall into error.

correct shoes configuration specification

correct shoes configuration often determines the final correction or intervention effect. Foot appear problem, because children may not be a problem alone, and may is a combination of all sorts of problems. Therefore, like to wear glasses, custom correction of children shoes is an important first step. Of inspection agencies, in the circle of family reputation with foot problems, correct shoes and custom insoles center is a good choice. In the center of the correct shoes and custom insoles, a pair of correct insoles is need so custom:

first by large instrument, gait tracking and technique examination, give the child foot accurate development condition. Then the foot division correction based on foot data, combined with years of big data, given the right foot problems solution. For each pair of shoes fit each kind of type, should according to the child to try on foot division correction, adjust the insole size, give to the kids feel more comfortable wear, more accurate corrective Angle.

the correct shoes and custom orthotic insole manufacturers center has to meet the severe flat feet, after sufficient evaginate, high arches of the foot with the correct shoes, wear through science, to help children foot back to normal.

science wear corrective shoes

a lot of parents think children wear the correct shoes comfort will become very poor. Holding is not willing to give their children the feet involvement, requiring children try not to exercise. But that is the wrong ideas and practices. In fact, the correct shoes is customized according to the child’s foot status, made some improvement in comfort. In addition, from the children’s shoes to rectify, the middle one is need a process of habit. Began to wear, the child must be a little uncomfortable, but with slowly habits, from 1, 2 hours of dress to wear all day, this process will let children getting used to correct the existence of the shoes.

in the process of correction with shoes, usually need to encourage the children to do some more bounce and stretching exercise, including jumping movement, playing basketball, stretching the foot with a towel, etc. Bounce stretching movement and towel, can promote the foot muscle recovery elasticity, shorten the time of the foot back to normal, improve the efficiency of rectification. So the appropriate encouraging children to exercise is good for children.

after dressing custom corrective insoles and science of sports, for children with severe flat feet or after sufficient evaginate of great benefit, parents might as well jump out of the erroneous zone, bold let the child to try, so more conducive to the child the foot of the recovery.

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