the ideal of a pair of shoes can match on a pair of right foot orthotic insole manufacturers, can better protect the feet, but not many people have ignored the role of the mat, so it to the person’s foot is what kind of help?

1。 Convenient shoes clean

it is not easy to clean up for shoes, with feet in the shoes will not breathe freely, easy to sweat, increase bacteria, make the foot smelly, and shoe cleaning is not convenient. Mat insole can be convenient to clean up and keep the shoes dry, reduce and improve the smelly feet.

2。 Can protect the shoes

if not cushion insole, long walk or exercise could get inside of the shoes wear.

3。 Protect feet need

mat insole, it is not easy to make the foot grinding injury, also will feel comfortable at the same time, the summer insoles with wicking effect, orthotic insole manufacturers can keep warm in winter.

4。 Indirect adjustment shoes size

we sometimes buy shoes may be larger, some reason can not be change, use cushion insole methods to adjust the size.

5。 Reduce steps disease

choose a pair of suitable insole can reduce of foot skin diseases caused by fungus infection.

6。 To reduce foot fatigue

often standing, walking, people often feel your feet fatigue unwell, even the pain, the reason is that feet normally only 3 points, and the scientific design of shoe is on the foot three points with mesh structure, effectively relieve foot force, foot arch should be scientific and effective bear hold at the same time, to make feet by three o ‘clock the whole foot force, make the foot muscle relaxation, effectively reduce the foot fatigue. Especially the elderly, foot muscle, ligament is flabby, less resilient, plantar thinning of the fat pad, standing or start to feel more difficult, more easily fatigue, more wear insoles.

7。 Absorption khan, deodorant, prevent beriberi

the foot is the place that most human body sweating, functional insole surface are antibacterial cloth now, below is the biological macromolecular materials, sweating of the feet can be a very good absorb sweat. , night sweat can volatilize, keep the shoes in total relatively dry environment, the growth of fungi lost moisture environment to prevent beriberi effect is very good.

8。 Care/promote the blood circulation

due to the soles of the feet is a reflection of human body each organs area, the reflex zones through the meridians are connected to the insides, so the foot is called a ‘second heart’. can effectively support arches, effectively promote the blood circulation, to warm your feet, a healthy body.

9。 Adjust the body posture right

because of incorrect posture or long time with the feet, or weight, caused by the defect of the legs, make the foot fatigue, balance problems, is easy to form O leg/X/back flat feet, etc. , to add the insole will usually increase support for existing shoes, and with the passage of time, can help to solve due to increase the stability of arch support and better footing to adjust the effect of the physical line.

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